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Physical Plant Contact Info.

Physical Plant
Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7505
Phone: 620-235-4779
FAX: 620-235-4227



  • The cleanup of broken glass.

  • A ceiling leak dripping on the floor or equipment.

  • Any substance on the floor that presents a safety concern.

  • A stool, urinal, sink or floor drain is stopped up; creating a floor hazard.

  • Any custodial work order to be completed before the end of the working day.

  • An unscheduled event set up that requires immediate attention.

  • Any custodial work order that presents a safety concern.


  • Irrigation system on during the day with no Physical Plant employee present.

  • Debris on a campus street, sidewalk, or steps.

  • Broken limbs or trees.

  • Sink holes or any holes in the ground.

  • Broken glass outdoors.

  • Car accidents on campus where there is a chemical spill, broken glass, or car parts.

  • Vandalism that poses a threat to life or limb.

  • Snow and/or ice removal.

  • Icy spots in front of doors or on steps.

  • Icy spots in general (streets or sidewalks).



  • Door glass is broken.

  • Window glass that is broken out.

  • Windows that will not secure which are on ground level or at a fire escape access.  This is a security issue.

  • Entrance doors that will not unlock or lock.

  • Classrooms, labs or offices that will not unlock.

  • Classrooms, labs or offices that have valuable items inside them that will not lock.

  • Core changes that are required due to a breach of security.

  • Roof leak that is dripping on valuable equipment.

  • Roof leak where a potential safety issue is present.

  • Any floor safety issue, such as tripping or opening in floor.

  • Any other work that presents a safety concern for students, staff, general public or the building itself.


  • Anyone trapped in an elevator or any elevator not working.

  • Any campus building reporting no electricity.

  • Lights not working in classroom or office.

  • Campus wide power outage.

  • Receptacles not working in classroom that is needed for teaching purposes.

  • Any work order that has to be completed before the end of that working day.


  • Fire alarm sounding in any building.

  • Emergency, short notice or priority dig safe One-Calls.


  • Any stool or urinal that is running continuously.

  • Any time the smell of gas is present in any building.

  • Any time the smell of sewer gas is present in any building.

  • Any time there is no water to a building.

  • When the sewer system, drains, stools or urinals are stopped up.

  • When water is running on any electrical devices.

  • When water is leaking through a wall, floor or ceiling.

  • When there is no heat in the entire building or section of the building.

  • When water is coming out of the ground.

  • When the tunnel system on campus has a large amount of water in it.

  • When any large cover plates for water meters, sewer manholes or irrigation valve box lids are missing or not on properly.

  • When any faucet is leaking continuously.

  • When the window wells are full of water.

  • Any time dish machine is not working properly in Gibson Dining Hall or Overman Student Center.

  • Loud noises coming from mechanical room.


  • Air conditioning not working in entire building.

  • Loud noise coming from mechanical room.

  • Loud noise coming from cooling tower.

  • Cooler or freezer not working in Overman Student Center, Gibson Dining Hall or Heckert-Wells.

  • Air conditioning not working in telecommunications rooms in Kelce (OIS).

  • Air conditioning not working in main computer room in Kelce (OIS).

  • Air conditioning not working in computer labs (Rooms 103, 104, and 105) Kelce.

  • Air conditioning not working at KRPS studio at Shirk Hall.

  • Air conditioning not working at KRPS tower at Weir.

  • Air conditioning or exhaust fan not working in Heckert-Wells, Room 207.

  • Loud noise coming from air conditioning equipment located on outside of building.