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Telephone Services

Phone service is provide in each dorm room on campus. If you are having issues with the phone in your room you call your RA, create a ticket. If your phone has a staggered dial tone you have a voice mail. To place calls on campus just enter the last 4 digits of the phone number for off campus calling dial 8 then the phone number.   Dialing instructions       voice mail instructions


ResNet, short for Residential Network, is a high speed network available for students living in the residence halls. There are some restrictions when using this network, for more information on these restrictions follow this link. You can also view the ResNet FAQ.


The PSU campus is a completely wireless campus. There are some locations on campus that have more wireless access than others and are designed for large groups to gather and use wireless devices.     
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Gorilla Geeks  -  109 Whitesitt Hall  -  620-235-4600  -

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