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Faculty & Staff Telephone Services

Phone systems are a pivotal part of any university setting. Although useful, they can be difficult to understand and manage. In order to understand different phone options offered by PSU as well as how to use those phones to your advantage.  
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Internet Connectivity

The campus data network is based on gigabit Ethernet with fiber to all academic and administrative buildings.  Fiber and Category 5 copper completes the building infrastructure and provide 1Gbps connectivity to the desktop.  
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GusNet WiFi Network

The PSU campus is a completely wireless campus. There are some locations on campus that have more wireless access than others and are designed for large groups to gather and use wireless devices.    
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The VPN client allows users to connect to the PSU network from off campus, or from the campus wireless network. This will allow users to use most campus computing resources as if sitting at their desk.  
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IT Services

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