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The office of Information Services offers solutions for mass communications and emergency notification services for the faculty, staff, and students of Pittsburg State University.


Mailman is a "listserv" or "email discussion group" type mailing list service.   more info     

Mr. BulkE

Mr.BulkE allows bulk distribution of email messages to identifiable groups.   more info     

Message Village

Message Village works as an electronic messaging system for use by the Pitt State community.  The categories currently in use are the Bulletin Hut, Employee Hut, Student Hut and the Work Hut.   more info      

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Our emergency alert system is Alertus. In the event of an emergency, notifications will be sent out using various methods. These could include email messages, voice messages and or/text messaging. You can view your various contact methods by logging into GUS, select Personal Information, then click the link titled “Emergency Alert System”.   more info

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