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Quotes from a Pal

"We will be lifelong friends. We really clicked the first time we met!" -Claire (Taiwan)

"I pretty much rock at using chopsticks now because of my PITT Pal!" -Crystal

"The PITT Pal program is a way to give back some of the positive experience PSU has given me." -Jason

"I expected to be teaching my Pal a lot about America and its culture, but I ended up learning as well!" -Sydney

"We became close friends from all the experiences together and I know we will remain in contact for years to come." -Ashleigh

 What is a PITT PAL?

  • A program to assist new international students with their transition to PSU and Pittsburg by PAIRING them with an American PSU student
  • An opportunity to learn about other languages and cultures
  • A chance for Study Abroad students to continue their international experience
  • AND the program to make a lifelong friend you probably wouldn't and couldn't otherwise!

What are the requirements?

There's only two!

  • Spend at least one hour per week together:
    • Go out for coffee or lunch
    • Grocery shopping/Wal-Mart
    • Attend a sporting event
    • Attend campus events (concerts, clubs)
    • Attend community events
  • Minimum of one semester.

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All PSU students - American and International - are invited to be a Pitt Pal!

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