J-2 Work Authorization Application

Note: Employment may not begin until the J-2 dependent is issued an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) The employment authorization is valid only if the J-1 is maintaining status.

How to Apply

Call the IPSO to make an appointment with a J-1 advisor. To obtain an EAD, the J-2 dependent must apply directly to the appropriate USCIS service center. For dependents living in Kansas, send the following materials fastened together in the order listed below to:

PO Box 87765
Lincoln NE 68501-7765

1. $175 fee (check or money order payable to USCIS)

2. 2 full frontal/passport photographs

  • Print name & I-94 number in pencil on back of the photo
  • The Nebraska Service Center recommends placing the photos in a Ziploc Baggie
  • Do NOT put a staple through the photos
  • Do NOT trim the photos

3. Completed I-765 (EAD is mailed to that address used on this form and must be within the service center's jurisdiction). Please, note the eligibility category Number 16 is © (5). Blank form can be downloaded from: www.uscis.gov

4. Brief letter explaining circumstances requiring employment with any support evidence showing employment is not necessary to support J-1 but is for other purposes.

5. Photocopy of J-2's I-94 (front and back) and visa

6. Photocopy of a current photo identification (driver's license, passport)

7. Photocopy of expiration date page in passport

8. Photocopy of J-2's DS-2019

9. Photocopy of J-1's passport, I-94 (front & back) and a copy of J-1's DS-2019

As always, it is also recommended that you retain copies of all documents sent to and received from the USCIS. Mail the application in a traceable manner (e.g. certified, return receipt)