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Teleconferencing Bridge Information

Who do I use to set up a teleconference call?

According to the State of Kansas Purchasing Department, PSU should use InterCall Inc.  The state contract number for this vendor is 11697.

What is InterCall?

InterCall provides a service called Reservationless-Plus which provides an on-demand audio conferencing solution allowing you to initiate a conference call 24/7 without the need to make a reservation or rely on an operator.

What should I do first?

1. Decide if you want a single departmental account or multiple departmental accounts.  Here is the  difference:

a. Single departmental account: A single person within the department will be designated as the Administrator of the account.  Any time a person within the department needs to schedule a conference call the Administrator will provide the person with the dial-in number and conference code.  The Administrator will then receive a monthly statement to reconcile all conference calls to.

b. Multiple departmental accounts:  Numerous people within the department will have accounts allowing them to be Administrators.  They will receive their own dial-in number and conference code to use at their discretion for PSU business.  They will receive a monthly statement with all conference calls for their designated dial-in number.

The biggest difference between the two choices is how a department chooses to handle the reconciling of monthly statements.

2. Decide if you would prefer to receive a monthly paper statement and pay using a PO or use your BPC and receive a monthly statement.  Either way is easy to setup. 

How do I set up an account?

The main contact person is April Barker and can be reached at 715-861-3826 Email address is  There is also a second person who can help set up an account. Kari Markham can be reached at 913-721-3785 Email address is

You will be asked which type of account you want to set up and how you want the account to be billed.  You can either receive an itemized monthly paper bill to be paid by PO or you can receive an itemized monthly bill that was charged to your credit card.  You will receive instruction through the process.  Once the account is set up you will receive in the mail  a card with your account information on it as well as an informational sheet.

How much am I being charged by participant per minute?

InterCall will charge Pittsburg State University .0185 cents per minute per participant.  Operator assisted calls will be charged .12 cents per minute.

After I have my account set up how do I use it?

1. Give the participants the date and time of the conference call, your dial-in number and the conference code.

2. At the specified time, dial your Reservationless-Plus dial-in number.

3. When prompted, enter your conference code followed by #.

4. When prompted, press * to identify yourself as the leader, then enter your leader PIN followed by #.

5. Press 1 to begin your conference.

What will the participants hear when they dial-in?

After dialing the dial-in number the participant, or attendee, will be asked to enter the conference code number.  The automated voice will ask you to say your name and hit #.  Then, you will either enter the conference call or be told that the leader has not arrived yet and be put on hold.  As soon as the leader dials in to the conference call, the attendee will be connected.