Pittsburg State University has a Magnitude 4000s SAN from Xiotech. The SAN is currently populated with 6 bays of 16 disks for a total of 96 disks.

The software to manage the Xiotech SAN is called ICON Manager. It has only 1 option for defragmenting disks: "Defrag All". This picks a disk at random and defragments it, then goes on to the next one.

Our Magnitude 3D has disks from different storage classes. We have 32 7200RPM SATA disks and 64 Enterprise SCSI disks spinning at 15kRPM. As you can imagine, the SATA disks take longer to defragment than the Enterprise disks. I wanted a way to defragment all the Enterprise disks in order and worry about the slow SATA disks later.

Luckily, Xiotech provides an excellent Web Services API that enables me to write an application to do anything I wish. So, I set out to write an application to defragment disks in a user configurable way. Storage Class Defragger is a simple, wizard-driven application to selectively defragment physical disks. It is made to be as easy as possible, so even the basic user can utilize it.

Storage Class Defragger Screenshot

Storage Class Defragger is released as free software, without any warranty expressed or implied. It is only compatible with Xiotech products that support the Xiotech Icon Web Services API. Storage Class Defragger requires the .NET 3.5 framework from Microsoft. It has been tested on Windows Vista x64 and Windows 7 x64.

Download Storage Class Defragger Setup File