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Networked Systems Policy

To provide maximum uninterrupted service, effective use and security of campus bandwidth and maximum availability of all network services the Information Technology Services (ITS) has established the following policy.

Definitions: Device - Any computer or telecommunications equipment. Service - Any program or software that is intended to publicly deliver and/or receive data from network users. PSU network - All connections on the PSU campus that connect to the administrative, academic, library or Internet services. This includes services on campus and via the KANREN Internet connection.

  1. All devices and services connected to the PSU Network require ITS approval and installation certification (Network Number). This covers all network cards, hubs, servers, bridges, routers, etc.
    1. ITS will specify cable requirements and routes, network operating systems, and network software.
    2. ITS will provide network software parameters from ITS Bootp or DHCP server (i.e. IP addresses, domain names, subnet mask, gateway address, etc.).
    3. ITS will provide technical support to establish a network connection to network services.
    4. ITS will be granted, upon request, access to installed equipment for inspection and maintenance.
    5. ITS retains the right to disconnect from the PSU network any equipment or network which is deem to be involved in disruptive behavior (behavior which intentionally or unintentionally threatens the security, functionality or physical integrity of the PSU network including external networks and hosts).
    6. Networked devices are not allowed to monitor, capture or analyze general network traffic.
    7. Individuals using a network connection provided in University Housing must complete and abide by the University Housing agreement.
    8. Departments wishing to provide network services from their own equipment:
      1. May be responsible for additional cost required (i.e. bridging, routing, firewall, etc.).
      2. Will identify an administrator to manage the service.
        1. The administrator is responsible for the activity and security.
        2. The administrator must provide ITS with root access.
        3. The administrator must be a full-time employee of PSU.
  2. Local Area Networks (LANs) with no servers or clients attached to the PSU network are exempt from Item 1 as described in the following - unless arrangements have been made with and approved by ITS.
    1. ITS will not provide support for stand-alone LANs.
    2. ITS will not install a second network card into an existing LAN connected system. Systems found to have a second card will be taken off of the PSU network.
    3. If any stand-alone LAN server, client or peripheral is requested to be placed on the PSU network all other servers, clients, and devices connected to it are subject to the above Item 1.

Questions regarding the meaning or interpretation of the provisions of this policy and subsequent binding agreements may be directed to University's Chief Information Officer.