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"Passwords are like keys to your personal home online."

Here are some tips to keep your password protected:

DO NOT share your password with others

  • That includes the help desk, co-workers, managers, friends and family.
  • Passwords used on official PSU accounts should never be used for a personal account.

DO NOT make your password anything that can be easily found out about you

  • It shouldn't be your pets name, the name of anyone in your family, the kind of car you drive.
  • A strong password should be at least 8 characters long with a mixture of upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers.
  • Passwords should not be words found in the dictionary.

DO NOT use the same password for all your online accounts

  • If one account gets compromised, then all your other accounts are at risk.

DO NOT write your password down

  • Jot down a clue or a hint that will jog your memory.  If you have to write it down, keep it stored in a safe, secure place away from your computer.

DO NOT check the "remember my password box"

  • Many programs have no built-in security measures to protect this information.  Some programs actually store the password in plain text in a file on the computer.

DO NOT keep the same password for months and months

  • Change your password at least every 6 months.
  • Changing your password often not only minimizes the chance that someone could guess or crack your password, it also shortens the length of time that person would have control of your system.

OIS will NEVER ask you for your password in an email - NEVER!

Password FAQ

Top 25 Bad Passwords

1. password
2. 123456
3. 12345678
4. abc123
5. qwerty
6. monkey
7. letmein
8. dragon
9. 111111
10. baseball
11. iloveyou
12. trustno1
13. 1234567
14. sunshine
15. master
16. 123123
17. welcome
18. shadow
19. ashley
20. football
21. jesus
22. michael
23. ninja
24. mustang
25. password1