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Campus Network

The campus data network is based on gigabit Ethernet with fiber to all academic and administrative buildings.  Fiber and Category 5 copper completes the building infrastructure and provide 100Mbps connectivity to the desktop.  Wireless access is available in all buildings and public areas across campus (e.g., the Oval) including residential housing. 

Internet Connectivity

KanREN provides PSU's Internet connection.  KanREN is a non-profit consortium of colleges, universities, school districts, and other organizations in Kansas.  It is organized for the purpose of facilitating communication among them, and providing themselves with connectivity to the Internet via a statewide TCP/IP network.  Currently our campus Internet connection is 1Gbps.

Residential students have access to the internet through ResNet, which provides wired and wireless connections to each resident.

Dial-Up Access

OIS does not provide dial-up access to the Internet.  Pittsburg has several local ISPs, including cable modem and DSL.