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Policies and Procedures
PSU University Support Staff Job Titles
and State Specifications
(updated 06/08/2014 )

The following is an alphabetical list of university support staff job titles used at PSU. Click on the individual title to see the state specifications for that classification.




Accountant I 24 4265A1
Accountant II 25 4000A1
Accounting Specialist 20 4004A1
Administrative Assistant* 17 1071K2
Administrative Officer 23 4268K1
Administrative Specialist 20 1073K2
Applications Developer I 27 1600P2
Applications Developer II 29 1601P2
Applications Developer III 31 1602P2
Building Construction Inspector 24 3270N2
Chemist I 24 8146C3
Communications Specialist I 18


Custodial Manager 23 4523R2

Custodial Specialist

14 4520R2
Custodial Supervisor Senior 21 4522R2
Electronics Technician Senior 25 8348N2
Electronics Technologist 27 8349N2
Equipment Mechanic Senior 21 3067N3
Equipment Mechanic Specialist 23 3068N3
Equipment Operator Senior 19 3072N3
Facilities Specialist 21 3271N2
General Maintenance & Repair Tech* 15 3262N2
General Maintenance & Repair Tech Senior 18 3263N2
Graphic Designer Specialist 27 8361E2
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor II 21 3265M1
Laboratory Education Technician 20 2029C3
Landscape Architect II 31 8283B1
Library Assistant I 16 1998E1
Library Assistant II 18 1999E1
Library Assistant III 20 2000E1
Network Service Technician III 28 1631P3
Photographer Senior 23 8135E2
Physical Plant Supervisor 24 3297N2
Physical Plant Supervisor Senior 26 3298N2
Public Service Administrator I 24 4269A4
Public Service Administrator II 27 4270A4
Radiologic Technologist I 26 8326F2
Registered Nurse Senior 30 7114F2
Research Technologist 26 8358C3
Seasonal Worker Senior* 8 1009M1
Senior Administrative Assistant 19 1072K2
Senior Administrative Specialist 21 1074K2
Storekeeper Specialist 18 1317K2
Technology Support Consultant I 25 1638P1
University Police Lieutenant 28 4112L1
University Police Officer 21 4110L1
University Police Sergeant 25 4111L1
*Temporary University Support Staff Appointments Only