Policies and Prodedures
Classified Employees
Personnel Files & Records
(updated 11/1/2005)

Official Personnel File (K.A.R. 1-13-1a)

An official personnel file is kept in Human Resource Services, 204 Russ Hall, for each classified employee. Important information about the employee's work history at PSU is kept in the file. It includes information such as:

  • Records showing hires, transfers, promotions, demotions, separations, changes of salary rates, leaves of absence, and any other changes in employment status;
  • performance reviews, letters of reprimand and rebuttals, and letters of commendation;
  • the application for each position for which the employee was hired;
  • letters of proposed disciplinary action;
  • any other information related to state service that the appointing authority deems appropriate.

Inspecting Your Personnel File

    Classified employees may have access to their official personnel file in HRS during regular office hours provided there is no undue interference with the normal routine of the office.

Releasing Information From Personnel Files (K.A.R. 1-13-1b)

PSU may disclose the following information to any individual:

  • the name of the employee;
  • the employee's current job title;
  • the employee's current or prior pay;
  • the employee's length of employment with the state;
  • the name of the employing agency; and
  • the length of time the employee has served in the employee's current position .
  • Other information from the file may be released only under specific instances as authorized by regulation.


Campus departments must check with Human Resource Services, 235-4191, before releasing any information about a classified employee.