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Policies and Procedures
University Support Staff Employees
(Updated 06/08/14)


A layoff is a reduction in work force usually necessitated by a shortage of work or funds, reinstatement of an employee from leave, the abolition of a position or unit, or other material change in duties or reorganization. A layoff can be designated university-wide, by organizational unit, geographic area, by full-time or less than full-time positions, or by a combination of any of the above as determined by the PSU President.  Layoffs result in permanent loss of the positions held by laid off employees.

Layoff scores are used to determine the order in which employees are laid off. The employee with the lowest layoff score in the particular category identified in the layoff notice will be the first person to be laid off. Layoff scores will be calculated for every employee potentially affected by the layoff based on the class, classes or class series identified in the layoff notice.

Layoff scores are calculated using number of years of service multiplied by a point value derived from averaging the five most recent employee performance reviews.  Points will be assigned as follows:

3 tier performance review ratings: Exceptional Rating = 5 points
Satisfactory Rating = 3 points
Unsatisfactory Rating = 0 points
4 tier performance review ratings: Exceeds Expectations Rating = 5 points
Meets Expectations Rating = 3 points
Needs Improvement = 2 points
Unsatisfactory Rating = 0 points
5 tier performance review ratings: Exceptional Rating = 5 points
Exceeds Expectations Rating = 4 points
Satisfactory/Meets Expectations Rating = 3 points
Needs Improvement = 2 points
Unsatisfactory Rating = 0 points

Written notice of layoff will be made to every affected employee at least 30 calendar days prior to layoff date.  Whenever possible, PSU Human Resource Services staff works with employees and departments to place affected employees in other positions within the University, for which the laid off employee meets minimum requirements.  There is no appeal of a layoff.

University support staff who are laid off will have employee preference for PSU university support staff openings.  Employee preference is available for 12 months from the date of the layoff.  A university support staff with employee preference may use the preference for a PSU university support staff vacancy if:

  1. the position is at the same pay grade or lower pay grade than the position from which he or she was laid off from, or is scheduled to be laid off from; and

  2. the USS employee meets the qualifications for the position.  

Human Resource Services will follow the State of Kansas Layoff Procedures - found here - except when a change is listed above.