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Policies and Procedures
University Support Staff Employees
(Updated 06/08/2014)


In times of extraordinary budget reduction it may become necessary to implement a short-term employee furlough in order to preserve the financial well-being of Pittsburg State University.

It is the policy of Pittsburg State University to implement an employee furlough only after reasonable alternatives have been exhausted. Furloughs will be implemented in a manner that is sensitive to the mission of the University and the needs of its faculty and staff.

A furlough is the placement of an employee in a temporary leave without pay status for a specified number of hours or days within a specified time frame. A furlough is not a layoff or reduction in workforce and may be used to avoid or delay such action.

An employee's social security and retirement contributions shall be affected under a furlough but all other benefits, including the accrual of vacation and sick leave, will continue as if there was no furlough.  A furlough will also not affect the employee's continuous service, length of service, pay increase anniversary date, or eligibility for authorized holiday leave or pay.

Employees affected by the furlough will be notified at least 10 calendar days in advance of the furlough.  The notice will include the effective date of the furlough and the date on which the furlough is to end.

A furlough cannot be used as a disciplinary action against an employee.

Human Resource Services will follow the State of Kansas Furlough Procedures - found here - except when a change is listed above.