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Funeral Leave
(effective 06/08/2014)

This information will not be used after GUS HR go-live on June 18, 2017.
Please contact HRS staff ( or x. 4191) if you have questions or need assistance.

General Information

You may request funeral leave for up to six work days upon the death of a "close relative". Your relationship to the deceased and necessary travel time will be among the factors your supervisor will consider in determining whether to approve funeral leave, and, if so, the amount of leave to be granted.

A "close relative" is defined as a member of your immediate family, i.e. spouse, parent, grandparent, sister, brother, child or grandchild, including in-laws. Also included are other relatives living in the same household with you.

Requesting Funeral Leave

To request funeral leave, complete a Funeral Leave Request form and give to your supervisor. Your supervisor should keep the Funeral Leave Request form in your department. Do not send the form to HRS or attach to the PSU Timesheet.

Reporting Funeral Leave

Funeral Leave - Non-Exempt

Earnings Code: FNL
Used By: University Support Staff Non-Exempt
Unclassified Non-Exempt
Count Towards FLSA? No
Count Towards Leave Accrual? Yes

Funeral Leave -- Exempt

Earnings Code: FNE
Used By: University Support Staff Exempt      
Unclassified Exempt
Count Towards FLSA? No
Count Towards Leave Accrual? Yes

Click here for more information on reporting time worked and leave taken.