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Human Resources Services
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Employee Benefits
Benefits For Active Employees
Tuition Assistance Programs
(updated 2/10/2012)


Staff Enrollment Fees

Classified and unclassified employees who take classes at PSU pay a "staff fee." This is actually the "Resident Hourly Rate" minus the campus privilege fee. For more information on staff fees, contact the Registrar's office 235-4205.

Financial Aid

Classified employees who are enrolled for 6 or more hours are eligible to apply for any financial aid programs that are available to other PSU students. Contact the Financial Assistance Office , 235-4240, for more information.

Non-Resident Assistance

Pursuant to K.S.A. 76-729, non-resident classified and unclassified employees with a regular appointment for .4 time or more shall pay resident fees for classes taken at the University. If the employee is full-time, the dependent spouse and children shall pay resident fees for classes taken at the University. Applicants should indicate at the time of application their affiliation with the University to be properly coded for resident fees. Contact the Registrar's office, 235-4205, for information on resident fees.

Tuition Assistance Programs

Professional Development Program for Classified Employees

Through the Professional Development Program, classified employees may apply for partial payment of expenses related to attendance of conferences or seminars for development of career skills relative to their position. Employees complete a Professional Development Funds Request Form for Classified Employees to request professional development moneys. For more information on this program, see the President's Office Committees - Classified Employees Professional Development Committee for the current chairperson of the committee.

Staff Development, Recognition & Training Policy for Classified Employees