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Open Enrollment Announcements


Group Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Changes made during open enrollment will be effective January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. Employees with open enrollment changes must make them on the Internet site by Thursday, October 31, 2013. Employees must use the "Employee Self Service Center" at the website to do the following:

  • enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts;
  • apply for HealthyKIDS program;
  • enroll in a medical plan - Plan A, Plan B or Plan C;
  • add, change or drop your coverage;
  • add or drop vision coverage;
  • add or drop dependents from medical, dental or vision coverage;
  • change your pretax payment status.

How to Access Open Enrollment on the Internet

Open enrollment for group health insurance and flexible spending accounts for Plan Year 2014 will be in October on the Internet via the access Kansas website - http://www.kansas.gov/employee/ - through the Employee Self-Service Center.

Employees will need their State of Kansas (SOK) Employee Identification Number to log in (this is not your PSU ID number). Employees will find this 11-digit alpha/numeric ID on their electronic pay stub on GUS. Information regarding your password is contained in the Open Enrollment memo dated September 12, 2013 or may be received by contacting HRS by phone (Ext. 4187 or Ext. 4121). HRS will not provide the password to employees by email.

If you have problems logging in, call the Employee Self Service Help Desk toll free at 1-866-999-3001.

Group Health Insurance Providers 

Employees can choose from three medical plan designs - Plan A, Plan B or Plan C. All plans have three medical provider networks to choose from - Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Coventry/PHS, and United Health. A comparison chart of the medical plans is available in the booklet.


New in 2014

  • Plans A & B -Coinsurance maximum has increased.
  • Plans A & B - Deductible, Coinsurance and Copays apply to the Out of Pocket Maximum.
  • Plans A & B  Urgent Care Copay of $50.  Additional services subject to Deductible and Coinsurance.
  • Plans A, B & C - Bariatric Surgery added for qualified patients
  • Plans A, B & C - Enchanced Preventative Care coverage for Well Woman Care.
  • Prescription Drug - Non-preferred drugs count toward coinsurance maximum.
  • Flexible Spending - new vendor - NueSynergy
  • Health Savings Account - Employer contribution made in 2 payments - January and July.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Enrollment

Employees must enroll on the Internet by Thursday, October 31, 2013 to participate in either the Dependent Care or Health Care Flexible Spending Account(s) in 2014.  Employees must enroll in FSA each year to participate.

For Dependent Care FSA, this is a calendar year program for services received January 1 to December 31, 2014.

For Plan Year 2014, Health Care FSA will have a "grace period." Therefore, expenses eligible for reimbursement are those incurred from January 1, 2014, through March 15, 2015. Reimbursement requests must be received by April 30, 2015.

Deductions for FSA will be semi-monthly as well. After you have estimated your annual amount, divide that amount by the appropriate number of deductions to get the paycheck deduction amount.

  • 12-month employees - divide by 24 deductions
  • 9, 10 & 11-month employees - divide by 16 deductions

The PY 2014 semi-monthly minimums and maximums are as follows:

Health Care Deductions Minimum Maximum
24 deductions (12 month employees) $ 8.00 $104.16
16 deductions (9-10-11 month employees)
January through April & September through December
$12.00 $156.25
Dependent Care Deductions Minimum Maximum
24 deductions (12 month employees) $16.00 $208.33*
16 deductions (9-10-11 month employees)
January through April & September through December
$24.00 $312.50*

*Subject to tax filing status


HealthyKIDS Program

This program helps eligible state employees with the cost of children's health insurance coverage. Eligible employees will have 90% of the children component of dependent coverage paid by the state. Eligibility guidelines are established by the HealthWave program.

If you believe you are eligible for HealthyKids, you must complete the Open Enrollment process on line.  Employees who are currently HealthyKids participants will be required to reapply for approval for 2014. HRS will be notified if you qualify for the program, and premium adjustments will be made.