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Pittsburg State University Grants Awarded

2014-2015 Grants Awarded

Soybean Oil-Based Polyurethanes by Non-Isocyanate Route
Dr. Ivan Javni, KPRC

Scaling Up Technical Assistance System Network Coordination
KS State Dept. of Education
Dr. Alice Sagehorn, Teaching and Leadership

Creel Survey
Grand River Dam Authority
Dr. Dixie Smith, Biology

Korean (GNU) Innovation Engineering, Project Management and Design Program 2015
Gyeongsang National University
Dr. John Iley, Technology and Workforce Learning

Bandgap Tunable 2-D Nanomaterials for Advanced Energy Conversion and Storage
KS NSF EPSCoR First Award Program
Dr. Ram Gupta, Chemistry

Pittsburg Science and Research Park Planning
Dept. of Commerce EDA
Dr. Shawn Nacarrato, CIBD

Highly Economic One-step Synthesis of Soybean Polyols for Industrial Applications
KS Soybean Commission
Dr. Mihail Ionescu, KPRC

Development of New Soybean-based anti-oxidant Topical Lotion for Skin Care Applications
KS Soybean Commission
Dr. Santimukul Santra, KPRC

Synthesis and Characterization of Silicone Gum Precursors
Dr. Petar Dvornic, KPRC/Chemistry

Secondary Wood Manufacturing Boot Camp
Wood Technology Industry Institute
Mr. Doug Hague, Technology and Workforce Learning

2015 PSU Participation with the KS Space Grant Consortium
NASA KS Space Grant Consortium at WSU
Dr. Jim Lookadoo & Dr. Erik Mayer, Engineering Technology

Plant Survey of Neosho Wildlife Management Area
Grand River Dam Authority
Dr. Neil Snow, Biology

Research Start Up
Dr. Virginia Rider and Dr. Anuradha Ghosh, Biology

Star Trainees: Jayden Bowen and Tyler Shelby
Dr. Dan Zurek and Dr. Santimukul Santra, Biology/Chemistry

Summer Scholars: Tayita Abudu, Maria Newsmaser, Yegor Pashchenko, Deaven Thomas
Dr. Mandy Peak, Dr. Peter Chung, Dr. Jody Neef, and Dr. Santimukul Santra, Biology/Chemistry

Undergraduate Biomedical Research Coordination
Dr. Virginia Rider, Biology

2011-2012 Grants Awarded

2012-2013 Grants Awarded

2013-2014 Grants Awarded