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Council for Discovery and Research

The Council for Discovery and Research is charged with the responsibility of:

  1. Assessing the needs and the strengths of faculty in research and scholarship areas;

  2. Providing guidelines that promote research and scholarship;

  3. Establishing procedures that can effectively organize and systematize the work of the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies

  4. Sharing their own expertise and interest in order to mentor and support faculty who wish to use their knowledge;

  5. Planning incentives for research and scholarly proposal development

  6. Encouraging publication and presentation of research and scholarly work; and

  7. Coordinating and monitoring scholarly publications of the University.

2017-2018 Membership

Department Representative Telephone E-mail
Chair Pawan Kahol 620-235-4222
Grants Coordinator Brian Peery 620-235-4175
Accounting & Comp Info Systems Jae Choi 620-235-4561
Art Rhona Shand-McBain 620-235-4300
Automotive Technology Steve Polley 620-235-6515
Biology Andrew George 620-235-4030
Chemistry Jody Neef 620-235-4494
Communication Megan Westhoff 620-235-4716
School of Construction Steve Schaffner 620-235-6555
Economics, Finance & Banking Connie Shum 620-235-4568
Engineering Technology Russ Rosmait 620-235-4375
English/Modern Languages & Literature Sandra Cox 620-235-4689
Family & Consumer Sciences Kalari Flotree 620-235-4457
Government and Community Relations Shawn Naccarato 620-235-4128
Graphics & Imaging Technologies Chauncey Huffman 620-235-4848
Health, Human, Performance, Recreation Derek Crawford 620-235-4672
History, Philosophy & Social Science Barbara Bonnekessen 620-235-4325
Honors College Craig Fuchs 620-235-4176
Institutaional Research Dai Li 620-235-4132
Library Services Randy Roberts 620-235-4883
Kansas Ploymer Research Center Darrell Pullium 620-235-6554
Management & Marketing Choong Lee 620-235-4587
Mathematics Scott Thuong 620-235-4429
Music David Hurley 620-235-4479
Nursing Gena Coomes 620-235-4440
Physics Ben Tayo 620-235-4391
Psychology & Counseling Bruce Warner 620-235-4980
Teaching & Leadership Ray Willard 620-235-4491
Technology & Workforce Learning