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The Department of Nursing offers Registered Nurses the opportunity to achieve the baccalaureate degree in an accelerated time frame. RN-BSN students who have completed all university general education and additional required nursing courses for the nursing major can complete the upper division nursing courses in one year of full-time study. Part-time study is also an option for nurses who desire to complete the courses over multiple years.

All RN-BSN courses are offered as hybrids (on-campus and online attendance required) or online. RN students do have the option of enrolling in on-campus only classes.

Clinical requirements for the RN-BSN student are met through validation of current nursing practice as a registered nurse and through completion of integrated assignments and activities which meet the clinical objectives for the BSN degree.

Program Outline

The program is composed of approximately 37 credit hours of study and is designed to be complete in 1 to 2 years (depending on the preference of the student). The required RN to BSN courses and the semesters during which they are offered are shown below:

Fall Hours
NURS 265 Health Promotion Disease Prevention 2
NURS 304 Transitions into Baccalaureate Nursing 1
NURS 320 Health Assessment 3
NURS 405 Health Alterations in Older Adults 3
NURS 482 Research in Nursing 2
Total 11
NURS 502 Community Nursing 4
NURS 521 Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing 3
NURS 525 Adv. Medical Surgical Nursing of the Adult Client 6
Total 13
Fall and Summer
NURS 723 Client/Family Health Theory, Assessment, Promotion* 2
NURS 724 Client/Family Health: Practicum* 2
Total 4
Fall, Spring, or Summer
Upper Division Nursing Electives 3-10
Program Total 37

*MSN courses