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Graduate Program


Name: Dr. Petar R. Dvornic
Phone: 620-235-4748

Polymer Chemistry (MS)

This program provides graduate students access to cutting-edge knowledge, research, and laboratory-based experience in the field of polymer chemistry. Students completing this program will be prepared for careers in high-tech polymers-based industries as well as laboratories in academic institutions, government, and private research settings. Further, this program prepares students for advanced academics study pursuing a doctorate in polymer science in major U.S. and world universities.

Program Outline

Options available for the degree include:

  • Option I: Thesis
    • This option is designed to prepare students for a doctoral program, for advanced professional careers, or for students wanting to complete an in-depth research experience. 

    Required Courses

    Core Polymer Science Courses (9 hours)

    CHEM 730 Advanced Polymer Chemistry 3 Credit Hours
    CHEM 785 Physical Chemistry of Polymer 3 Credit Hours
    PET 883 Polymer Rheology and Processing 3 Credit Hours

    Polymer Core Research and Colloquium (10 hours)

    CHEM 890 Research and Thesis 6 Credit Hours
    CHEM 790 Advanced Research in Polymer Chemistry 3 Credit Hours
    CHEM 801 Chemistry Colloquium 1 Credit Hours


    CHEM 887 Advanced Biopolymers and Nanotechnology 3 Credit Hours
    CHEM 840 Advanced Polymers for Electrical and Electronic Applications 3 Credit Hours
    CHEM 850 Inorganic and Architecturally Unusual Polymers 3 Credit Hours
    CHEM 889 Intro to Chemical Research 3 Credit Hours
    PET 673 Advanced Injection Molding 3 Credit Hours
    PET 885 Advanced Polymer Composites 3 Credit Hours
    ETECH 888 Design of Experiments 3 Credit Hours