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Graduate and Continuing Studies
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Approved Graduate Teaching Faculty

Name Department Date
Gupta, Ram CHEMISTRY 06/12/13
Guo, Andrew CHEMISTRY 02/14/07
Hamlet, Peter CHEMISTRY 09/27/77
Ionescu, Mihail CHEMISTRY 02/14/07
Javni, Ivan CHEMISTRY 02/14/07
McAfee, James CHEMISTRY 10/21/98
Mijares, Kristopher CHEMISTRY 11/10/10
Paul, Dilip CHEMISTRY 10/18/95
Pavlis, Robert CHEMISTRY 09/23/87
Petrovic, Zoran S. CHEMISTRY 02/14/07
Santra, Santimikul CHEMISTRY 06/12/13
Shah, Bipin CHEMISTRY 05/09/07
Shirley, WIlliam CHEMISTRY 10/18/89
Siam, Khamis S. CHEMISTRY 12/14/88
Zegar, Irene CHEMISTRY 05/09/07

Approved Graduate Service Faculty

Name Department Term Date Approved Courses Approved to Teach
Cruz, Arvin CHEMISTRY 11/WF 09/14/2011 CHEM 735: Laboratory Safety and Compliance
Cruz, Arvin CHEMISTRY 11/WF 09/14/2011 CHEM 863: Advanced Organic Chemistry
Madhusudhan, Srinivasas CHEMISTRY 12/WF 03/14/2012 CHEM 890; Research and Thesis
Milic, Jelena    
CHEMISTRY 10/SP 02/10/2010 CHEM 815: Advanced Topics: Polyurethane Labs

Graduate Service Historical Listing