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Contact Information

For more information regarding the electronic thesis policy and procedures, please contact:

Lisa Allen
Graduate and Continuing Studies Office
112 Russ Hall

Electronic Thesis

Electronic thesis is required and must be submitted through Digital Commons. See the links below for instructions regarding the submission process.

Student Thesis Tutorial: 

Faculty Review of Student Thesis Tutorial:

Production of Paper Copies

The student will be responsible for the cost and production of paper copies of their thesis required by their major department and/or personal copies. The Graduate School will, however, continue to assist students with the production of paper copies through the binding services offered by the University Library. Upon payment for the copies, receipt of the Signatures, and Copyright Pages, and approval by the Graduate Office, the paper copies will be forwarded to the Library for binding.

Electronic Thesis Copyright Agreement

Pittsburg State University acknowledges and upholds federal and state copyright laws. Copyright protections exist for documents and information distributed and shared via the Internet. Pittsburg State University accepts the copyright guidelines outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Pittsburg State University is an "online service provider" to the campus community and takes these responsibilities seriously. Pittsburg State University's students, faculty and staff must adhere to ethical copyright practices.

Click here to download the Electronic Thesis Copyright Agreement