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The 2017 Research Colloquium was held on Thursday, April 6th on the PSU campus in the Overman Student Center. This year was  included more than 160 student participants; who gave almost 40 Oral Presentations and 90 Poster Presentations. The PSU Research Colloquium is an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to showcase the research and creative works projects they have been working on throughout the year. Awards were presented at the 2017 Graduate School and Research Awards Banquet held on April 24, 2017.

Category A - Primarily Science and Technology:
Undergraduate Poster 1st Place: Evan Noel; 2nd Place: Adam King and Trevor Burrows; 3rd Place: Kelly Talley; 4th Place: Laci Hadorn; 5th Place: Tyler Banka
Undergraduate Oral 1st Place: Nayeli Feregrino, Aziz Alotaibi, Gage Becker, Kyle Brown, and Dillon Flemming; 2nd Place: Hannah Thomas; 3rd Place: Peyton Burlingame
Graduate Poster 1st Place: Natalia Agostini Schneider; 2nd Place: Abrar Alzahrani; 3rd Place: Chungyang Zhang
Graduate Oral 1st Place: Austin Bailey; 2nd Place: Charith Ranaweera; 3rd Place: Hawra Khlitit

Category B - Primarily Business, Education, and Humanities :
Undergraduate Poster 1st Place: Ha Gyung An; 2nd Place: Eli Oldham; 3rd Place: Emily Fry, Cameron Ginther, Ebony Harley, Hannah Ishmael, Adilet Makhanbetali, Amanda Robinson, Sydney Shields, Jodeci Turner, Sakshi Bhati, Kristin Chadd, Cody Cherry, Trevor Clark, and Lynzee Flores
Undergraduate Oral 1st Place: Chelsea Foster and Hannah Ishmael; 2nd Place: Tanner Osterbuhr; 3rd Place: Anna Guigli
Graduate Poster 1st Place: Kristi Riggs; 2nd Place: Michael Joines; 3rd Place: Hannah Ishmael and Chelsea Foster
Graduate Oral 1st Place: Karly Kownslar; 2nd Place: Zheng Yao Ooi; 3rd Place: Lindsey Ratcliff

Category C - Topical Literature Review Poster:
Undergraduate Poster 1st Place: Kristin Padilla; 2nd Place: Katherine Sauter
Undergraduate Oral 1st Place: Skyler Cooper; 2nd Place: Jaydon Wilson; 3rd Place: Maisie Johnson
Graduate Poster 1st Place: Lucy Lotspeich
Graduate Oral 1st Place: Jessica Macy

Category D - Topical Literature Review Poster:
Undergraduate Poster 1st Place: Sara Huffaker: 2nd Place: Taylor Mason; 3rd Place: Cassandra Ngo
Graduate Poster 1st Place: Sanket Bhoyate

The Midwest Quarterly/Graduate Studies Best Essay Award:
Joshua Horton

Previous Colloquium Winners


2017 Distinguished Thesis

Ranaweera Dist. Thesis

Charith Ranaweera, Polymer Chemistry

Donaldson Dist Thesis

Joshua Donaldson, Music

2017 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

Hashman Outstanding Grad Teach Asst

Ashley Hashman, Mathematics

2017 Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award

Santi Outstanding Fac Schol Award

Dr. Santimukul Santra, Chemistry

2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor

Carper Outstanding UG Research MentorDr. Mike Carper, Health, Human Performance, and Recreation

2017 Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator

Gorman Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Scott Gorman, Health, Human Performance, and Recreation