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Gorilla Geeks Contact Info / Hours

109 Whitesitt Hall



Fall and Spring Semester
Mon - Thur   7:45am - 7:00pm
Fridays         7:45am - 4:30pm

Summer and Classes Not in Session
Mon - Fri       7:45am - 4:30pm

Axe Library Hours
Sundays        3:00pm   -  6:00pm

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1. How do I change my email password?
2. I am over my email quota, what do I do?

3. Forwarding email

4. Remove forward

5. Vacation (Out of the Office) Message
6. Remove Auto-Respond Message
7. Attachments
8. Configuring Mail Clients
9. Creating a e-mail account (new users)

1. How do I Change My Email Password?

Log into your GUS system, and select Computer Accounts and Passwords.

From here, you can select to change either your e-mail password, or your GusMail Password.

Keep in mind that if you change your GusMail password, your GusPIN will change as well.

2. I am over my quota, what do I do?

If you are having trouble receiving email, the problem is most likely that your mailbox is full.

All mail system users have both an incoming mail (inbox) quota and a home directory quota. The inbox quota limits the amount of mail that can be stored in the user's email inbox. The home directory quota limits the space used by other mail folders and files stored in the user's home directory.

3. Forwarding Email

To forward your pittstate email, the following must be completed.

1. Launch SSH Secure Shell.        


2. Click on Quick Connect.           


3. The host name is

The username is your Login ID.

Make sure the Authentication Method drop-down menu reads "Password".    


4. Click Connect. You may see a Message from the Server pop up. If so, click OK.              


5. Enter your Password.               


6. At the dollar sign prompt ($) type "joe .forward". There is a space between joe and the period. Hit <enter>. 


7. A new screen will appear, type in your other email address.  

8. Select the Control button along with the letter K and X. This will save your other email address.


9. All mail that is sent to your PSU account will be forwarded on to your other email address.    

4. Remove Forward

To remove the forward follow Steps 1 - 6, then at the dollar sign prompt (&) type "rm .forward" and hit <enter>.

5. Vacation (Out of the Office) Email

To set your pittstate email to send an auto-respond message, the following must be completed using a wired on-campus computer.

1. Launch SSH Secure Shell.    

2. Click on Quick Connect.     


3. The host name is

The username is your Login ID.

Make sure the Authentication Method drop-down menu reads "Password".    


4. Click Connect. You may see a Message from the Server pop up. If so, click OK.             


5. Enter your Password.               

6. At the dollar sign prompt ($) type "start.vacation".    


7. In the text editing window type your email address, the subject line and your message.


Save the file by pressing the Control button and K and X at the same time. 

6. Remove Auto-Respond               

To remove the auto-respond, at the $ prompt, type "stop.vacation".

7.  Attachments

It is advised to limit email attachments since some are suspect and intercepted by the anti-spam, anti-virus filters on the web server.  Some common suspected attachments are:

8. Configuring Mail Clients

To configure your mail client to accept your e-mail please contact a tech in order to get assistance with your issues.

9. Creating a e-mail Account

PSU's e-mail is a convenient way to send and receive messages through your e-mail account using a web browser and user-friendly graphical interface. It allows you to access your Pitt State email account from anywhere, anytime.

If your PSU email account has never been created, you can follow these steps to create one.

1. Log into GUS (Gorilla User System) and select the Computer Accounts and Passwords link on the left-side navigation.

2. Users who have not had an email account created will have a link titled Create New PSU eMail Account under the E-Mail section. Select this link.

3. A new screen will appear where the password to the account will be created. Be sure to read and follow all the password rules. Read the E-Mail account policy and check the box to indicate you understand and will comply with the policy. Click the Create button.

If you do not get this screen, you have had an email account created in the past. You can reset your password on the Password Change screen or follow the instructions for resetting your password.

4. A new screen will appear with your PSU E-Mail address. You will also have an option to set your anti-spam preferences.

Note: OIS provides a method for email users to deal with email messages that appear to be spam. Incoming messages can be scanned and analyzed by software called PureMessage. This software uses a variety of methods and heuristics to try to determine if your email is spam. You have the ability to tag or quarantine messages that the product has determined to be spam. As always, delivery of spam is an ever-evolving and constantly changing process, so it can be difficult to stop and there are no perfect or fool-proof methods of filtering or identifying spam.

5. You can access your E-Mail account through a locally set up browser or GorillaMail.