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PSU adopts official email for student communication


To improve consistency of official university communication with students, as well as to provide them with state-of-the-art e-mail and office productivity tools, the university is partnering with Google to provide "Pitt State Apps powered by Google."  read more 


How will GusMail benefit me?

  • Lets face it size matters, when it comes to email services. Currently GusMail offers 7.3 GB of storage for your email, which reduces the need to delete many of your important messages.
  • GusMail is facilitated by PSU, which means you will not miss important emails from the University. Other email services can't guarantee this.
  • GusMail is searchable, and comes with a powerful Spam filter.
  • GusMail addresses will not expire; this allows you to keep in touch with college contacts after you graduate.
  • You can have your email available on your mobile device.


What is Pitt State Apps?

  • Pitt State Apps is a set of tools and collaboration software powered by Google. The suite includes GusMail, web-based word processing, spreadsheet, presentation programs, shareable calendars, chat, contacts and much more.


What can I do with Pitt State Apps?

  • Calendar: Organize your life with a simple online calendar that can be shared with your friends. Make staying up to date on social events easy for everyone (everyone you want to know, that is). Post dates, times, and details that only your group can see.
  • Docs: Create and share documents with others collaborating on your group projects. If you miss a class don't worry, create a shared document for your class notes and collaborate with your classmates.
  • Talk: This powerful chat feature allows video chat, and group chat. This is a great way benefit when collaborating on your project, or planning your next social event.


But I use another email account.

  • Why not consider having your GusMail account check your other email accounts. Or simply use GusMail for your studies here at PSU.


Do I have to use GusMail?

PSU has made the decision to move to GusMail for all PSU communications so we have a higher level of confidence that messages are received.  Some other systems often treat email from PSU as spam.   All university communications will be sent to your GusMail account.  This will include emails regarding your financial assistance, enrollment, or other university notifications.  Also, your instructors will use your GusMail account to send out class communications. 

It would be a shame to miss an important email from the University, or your professor.

Please remember if we can assist you with any of technology related issues please contact us.


Thank You !

Gorilla Geeks