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Mr. BulkE

Mr. BulkE is a bulk email process that allows distribution of email messages to identifiable groups. Use it to send email notices to groups on campus with a few clicks of the keyboard. One word of caution, this system is not intended for the distribution of spam (junk email). Please use the system to enhance communication on campus and not bog it down.

1. What is Mr. BulkE?

2. What is the policy on using Mr. BulkE?

3. Bounced Messages

4. Email Addresses

5. Helpful Suggestions

6. Who can use Mr. BulkE?

7. How do I use Mr. BulkE?

8. How can I reach all of the people on campus?

9. Cautions

10. What happens if I abuse my Mr. BulkE privileges?

    What is Mr. BulkE?
    Mr. BulkE is a system that allows for the delivery of bulk email to large and small groups on campus. Mr. BulkE's advantages are that it:

    1. uses dynamic lists that are maintained on the campus database so that the most timely and accurate information is processed,
    2. provides easy posting of information to specific groups without maintaining local email lists,
    3. assists in distributing information to the campus community while reducing paper usage and campus mail volume.

    Currently Mr. BulkE is divided into several categories: Mr. BulkE Campus, Mr. BulkE Rosters, Mr. BulkE Majors/Minors, Mr. BulkE Schools, Mr. BulkE Advisees, and Mr. BulkE Special Groups.

    Mr. BulkE Campus allows designated personnel in a department and other key staff to email messages to the campus at-large and groups identified below:

    All Unclassified and Classified Employees

    Unclassified - regular (includes temp, exempt, non-exempt & 12 month)
    Unclassified - temp
    Unclassified - exempt
    Unclassified - non-exempt
    Unclassified - 12 month

    Classified - regular (includes temp, exempt & non-exempt)
    Classified - temp
    Classified - exempt
    Classified - non-exempt

    Teaching Faculty
    KNEA Unit
    Deans, Directors & Chairs
    Deans, Directors, Chairs and Contact Person
    Deans, Directors and Chairs - President's Office
    Deans, Directors and Chairs - Academic Affairs
    Deans, Directors and Chairs - University Advancement
    Deans, Directors and Chairs - Administration and Campus Life
    Deans, Directors, Chairs, Contact Persons - President's Office
    Deans, Directors, Chairs, Contact Persons - Academic Affairs
    Deans, Directors, Chairs, Contact Persons - University Advancement
    Deans, Directors, Chairs, Contact Persons - Administration and Campus Life

    Mr. BulkE Rosters is an email delivery system that allows a faculty member to email students who are enrolled in one of that faculty member's classes. Faculty and other teaching staff can access Mr. BulkE Rosters via GUS. Each course they are teaching will be listed with links to each respective course roster. Students can be emailed individually or as a group.

    Mr. BulkE Majors/Minors is a system that allows designated personnel in a department to contact all students in a given major or minor. This system is based on a student's declared major/minor and is maintained dynamically by the student information system for enrollment. Mr. BulkE Majors/Minor is available to vice-presidents, deans, major department chairs, and designated personnel in a department.

    Mr. BulkE Schools is a system that allows designated personnel to contact all students in a given school.  This system is based on a student's declared major and is maintained dynamically by the student information system for enrollment.  Mr. BulkE Schools is available to vice-presidents, deans, department chairs and designated personnel in a department.

    Mr. BulkE Advisees is an email delivery system that allows an advisor to email one or more of the currently enrolled students who are listed as advisees.  Mr. BulkE Advisees is available to chairs, advisors and designated personnel in the department.

    Mr. BulkE Special Groups has a number of options, but is primarily used for self-selected lists of people (Mr. BulkE Savelists), special subgroups of campus students (i.e., all honors college students or all students living in university housing), and all currently enrolled students. Mr. BulkE Savelists is limited to select individuals who are able to create their own self-selected lists. Please contact ITS if you have a need for this type of service. Mr. BulkE for special subgroups is only available to the office or person who is directly in charge of that group (i.e., housing office for housing students). Mr. BulkE for all students is limited to these individuals: Administrative Specialist for the Registrar, Office of Associate VP for
    Campus Life, Director for Public Relations, Office of Enrollment Management and Student Success, Office of Provost and Academic VP, and Associate Director for Information Services.  If you have a need to email a special subgroup, please contact the person in charge of that group. If you have a need to email the entire enrolled student body, please contact one of the above listed persons.

    What's the policy on using Mr. BulkE?
    Mr. BulkE is intended for the distribution of campus information and should be short and to the point.  Below are some examples of messages that Mr. BulkE is NOT intended to broadcast:

    • birthday wishes
    • going away parties
    • personal health notices
    • commercial advertisements
    • rumors and gossip
    • chain letters
    • bake sales

    Bounced Messages
    Mr. BulkE messages are sometimes bounced. Bounces can occur for any number of reasons, including a bad email address, the receiving system being down, or the recipients inbox being full (quota problems). You might expect 5 - 10% of the emails sent via Mr. BulkE to students to bounce for some reason. This means that if you send out a Mr. BulkE to 1,000 currently enrolled students, you might expect to receive 50 to 100 bounces.  This number goes down when you are emailing faculty and staff, as the email addresses are more likely to be correct and quotas are less likely to be full. This number goes up when you are emailing prospective students, who, as yet, have not established a direct contact with PSU.

    Receiving an excessive number of bounces may result in your own email account becoming "over quota", and as a result, other incoming messages to your account may not be received.  The email quota for individuals who send Mr. BulkE emails has been increased, but a large number of bounces could still be a problem.  In order to minimize this, please be sure to use the following suggestions:

    • Only check the "Return bounced emails to me" box if you really do want to know from whom messages were bounced.
    • Keep your groups small, especially if they include students who have had only minimal contact with the university.
    • Keep your inbox clean by setting your email client to delete messages when pulled from the server.
    • If you do not set your email client to delete messages when pulled from the server or if you use GorillaMail, delete the messages yourself, using the client, on a frequent basis.  This will result in the emails also being deleted from the server.


    Email Addresses
    Current university policies and procedures for changing and/or deleting regular mailing addresses should be used for email addresses.  These policies and procedures include:

    1. Ask the person/student to correct the email or regular address themselves via the GUS system.
    2. If that isn't possible, check with the following offices BEFORE making ANY changes:
      • Admissions for prospective students who have not been enrolled
      • Registrar for currently enrolled students or previously enrolled students
      • HRS for current staff and faculty
      • Purchasing for any vendor who has not been/is not a student or employee of the university
      • ITS for any others.  Please contact your Team Coordinator before changing or deleting any email address.

    Helpful Suggestions
    Mr. BulkE is best used for short messages. These messages may point to a web page which contains more detailed information if necessary.

    Mr. BulkE messages can contain links to web pages and email (use the format or and, replace the x's with a web page or email address).

    Who can use Mr. BulkE?
    Mr. BulkE and Mr. BulkE Majors are designed for departmental contact people and other key information distribution points. Designated departmental contact people have access to Mr. BulkE through the GUS system. Mr. BulkE Rosters is designed for campus personnel teaching classes. Individual instructors have access to only those courses that they are currently teaching.

    How do I use Mr. BulkE?
    Mr. BulkE is available to approved individuals via the GUS system on the PSU homepage.

    • Start your Web browser (Netscape) and click on GUS.
    • Log into GUS with your ID and GusPIN.
    • Select Miscellaneous Process Menu.
    • Select the appropriate Mr. BulkE option. If it is not listed, call extension 4603.
    • Fill out the information in Mr. BulkE.
      • Choose the group to which the message is to be sent. Note: you can preview the list of recipients.
      • Fill in the subject and message box. Information from other software can be cut and pasted into the box, but any special formatting will not be recognized.
      • If you, or someone not in the designated group, would like to receive a copy of the message you can enter the PSU ID or email address of that person.
      • If you would like to receive messages that bounce, make sure the check box marked "Send bounced emails to me" is checked.  If you would not like to receive the bounced messages, make sure the box is not checked.
    • Submit it or Reset to start over. Mr. BulkE lists the intended group at the top of the message and identifies the sender.
    • After submitting it, Mr. BulkE gives an option to print labels for those in the group who cannot receive email.


    How can I reach all of the people on campus?
    Since Mr. BulkE's intent is to reduce spam (electronic junk mail), users are encouraged to send messages only to the target group. If a message needs to be sent to the campus at-large, then we suggest:

    • Send a Mr. BulkE message to all contact persons and request that they post or forward it to faculty and/or staff.
    • Send a Mr. BulkE message once to the All Unclassified and Classified Employees.


    Please keep in mind that email is not guaranteed and receipt of messages may be delayed since the message could take some time to deliver.  Any time sensitive material should probably not be sent via Mr. BulkE or if sent, should be sent well ahead of the event.  DO NOT RELY ON MR. BULKE FOR EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS.

    What happens if I abuse my Mr. BulkE privileges?
    Your privileges may be revoked.