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Acceptable Use for ResNet

ResNet is intended for educational use. If other uses are hindering educational value, the offending services/protocols will be limited or blocked.

All universities are currently trying to answer questions regarding media sharing programs like Gnutella, Kazaa, iMesh, etc. Pittsburg State University Housing asks that students do not use the following programs due to their detrimental effect on the network as a whole.

  • Gnutella - iMesh - eDonkey
  • Kazaa - Morpheus - LimeWire
  • Hotline - WinMX - Blubster
  • Frost- Direct Connect- File Pile
  • Filetopia - BearShare - BitTorrent

And many others.

The reason we do not allow use of these programs on ResNet is two fold:

  • Limited Bandwidth

When one person starts up a file-sharing program, it uses a great deal more bandwidth than regular internet services. This in turn hurts other ResNet users' ability to do anything with their ResNet connection. In a nutshell, the campus only has a limited amount of off-campus bandwidth and file-sharing programs use so much of this off campus bandwidth that other services cannot reach the outside world.

  • Non-Educational Uses

The ResNet is intended primarily for educational uses. The goal of the ResNet has always been to provide an educational resource that students do not have to leave their room to use, something that is always there and always on. File sharing programs render the network unusable for all ResNet users.

We sincerely hope that ResNet users will keep in mind that file sharing programs only hurt other users. If a ResNet user decides to start up a file sharing program, we will be notified and issue a warning to the resident. If the ResNet user is called again for file sharing violations the users' port will be shut off for one week.

During this week the user will need to either remove the program or contact Gorilla Geeks ResNet Technician (235-4600) to have the program removed. If the resident shows up again, service will be disconnected for the remainder of the semester.

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