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Fall and Spring Semester
Mon - Thur   7:45am - 6:00pm
Fridays         7:45am - 4:30pm

Summer and Classes Not in Session
Mon - Fri       8:00am - 4:30pm

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What is Canvas?

Canvas is Pitt State's Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is available both through your web browser and as a mobile app. To access Canvas go to Campus logins on the Pitt State home page.

Technical Requirements for Using Canvas

You can use Canvas on Windows, Mac & Linux.  All that is required is a web browser. 

Below are the recommendations from Canvas support for browsers, flash and other items.

For full functionality browsers need to kept up-to-date with the latest version.

Canvas will work in limited functionality without any Flash; any media could be disrupted.

There are only 2 hard requirements:

1. You have to have Javascript enabled in your browser.
2. No IE 6, it's just too bad to be able to do the interactive things Canvas does.

Using Mobile Devices

Will Canvas work on my mobile device?

Canvas functions fully on all common smart phones due to the company's adherence to open web standards and very minimal use of Flash including platforms such as the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, and Blackberry.

Canvas has both an iOS and Android app.

Go to your app store and search for and download Canvas by Instructure, open the app and search for Pitt State, then login using the same username and password for Canvas that you use for GUS. 

Username:  7-digit GUS Login ID

Password:  PSU Unified Password

Logging in to Canvas

Please bookmark the URL for Canvas:   For quick access, the Canvas link has been added to the Pitt State homepage.

You will be using the same username and password for Canvas that you use for GUS. 

Username:  7-digit GUS Login ID

Password:  PSU Unified Password

If you reset your password in GUS, you will reset your password for Canvas too.  Clicking on the "I don't know my password" on the Canvas homepage will re-direct you to the GUS LoginKey Request page.

Assistance and Training for Students

Students can become familiar with the basic functions of Canvas through the online tutorial. 

From the Pitt State homepage, click on Canvas (or go to  At the bottom of the login screen, click on the Canvas 101 Tutorial for Students link.  Students who have reviewed the tutorial but need additional assistance can contact the Gorilla Geeks to schedule a time for personalized help.

Instructor Use of Canvas

Instructors have great flexibility in the design and setup of each course in Canvas.  Some instructors may choose not to use Canvas.  Therefore, students may not find every course they are enrolled in available in the Canvas course list.  Each instructor can determine the program features and organization of their courses.  Instructors may post only a syllabus and grades, or they may send e-mails, post discussion groups, assignment and exams for a course.

Please note that instructors are able to select when courses will become available in Canvas.  Even though students have enrolled, the courses will not be visible to students until the instructors “publish” the courses.

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