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Today diesel and heavy equipment industries such as equipment manufacturers, heavy construction and mining companies, agriculture related users, on road diesel vehicle dealers and freight companies need professionals that both understand and are able to manage complex and sophisticated D&HE systems and associated personnel.  This requires a 4 year baccalaureate program that provides a well-rounded education that includes business, management, and technical preparation. 

PSU is providing two such programs to address the needs of the D&HE industries.  These include the Bachelor of Science in Automotive-D&HE Option for students not previously receiving an Associate of Applied Science degree, and the Bachelor of Applied Science in D&HE for students completing an Associate of Applied Science degree in a D&HE program such as Caterpillar ThinkBIG and John Deere Ag Tech.  Diesel and heavy equipment has grown from an Automotive Technology emphasis area of 15 majors in 1997 when KTC opened, to over 80 majors in 2007.  However, the program has outgrown its existing 2400 square feet lab space. 

PSU has proposed construction of a $3.85 million dollar, 16,500 square feet facility to be used for teaching off-road, on-road, and agriculture related emphasis areas of the D&HE program. This facility consists of corporately sponsored lab spaces and classrooms.  The facility will be in close proximity to the Kansas Technology Center.