When to be Concerned

Many times parents can become aware of changes in their child's behaviors from a distance. Parents may see their child struggling at college and want to find a way to help. The following information is designed to help parents determine when and how to find such help for their child.

You may notice dramatic shifts in behavior such as:

  • Changes in personal hygiene
  • Changes in eating and sleeping
  • Loss of interest in things and withdrawing from people
  • Agitation, Irritability, angry, and emotional outbursts
  • Excessive anxiety and worry
  • Suicidal comments (verbal or in writing)

You may notice behavior changes related to Alcohol and other Drug Abuse such as:

  • Evidence of excessive use of a substance
  • Non-social behaviors like lying or stealing
  • Nonfunctional behavior such as missing classes or not going to a job.

You may also notice behaviors related to Trauma or Crisis such as:

  • A Break-up or a change in a relationship
  • Loss/illness of family member or close friend
  • Conflicts with roommate, friend, or family member
  • Change in occupation
  • Being assaulted or abused