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This site is intended to provide information that will assist your department with a smooth fiscal year-end closing.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


All paid receipts from FY12 must be submitted for reimbursement by 12:00 p.m. on 6/15/12. Please make sure all individuals who utilize petty cash are aware of this time requirement. If someone does not submit their receipt for petty cash reimbursement by 6/29/12 and their receipt is dated prior to 7/01/12, then they cannot be reimbursed. 

Due to the availability of the PCard and low usage of the petty cash account, petty cash procedures will be discontinued in FY13.  Petty cash will not be available beginning July 1, 2012.


The Purchasing Office web site provides information about deadlines and procedures regarding the procurement card, DPR's, and purchase orders.

  • Pay Vendor (DPR):  Use the Pay Vendor form to request an AP check for payment of goods and services that have already been received.  FY12 Pay Vendor requests will be accepted through 6/29/12.  Please remember that forms submitted through Gorilla Marketplace must complete the workflow process, including all approvals, to be accepted as a valid FY 12 payment request.
  • TRAVEL CLAIMS: All travel claims for FY12 should be submitted to the Business Office no later than 4:00p.m. on 6/22/12.  If you do not have sufficient information to complete the travel claim, please contact Kim Wilson in the Business Office at Ext. 4168.  All travel involving a travel advance must be processed by 6/19/12 so that the advance can be reimbursed by 6/29/12.
  • Send PO to Vendor:  Use the “Send PO to Vendor” link in Gorilla Marketplace to send a hard copy purchase order to a vendor. 
  • PCard Entry/Reconciliation (BPC):  The PCard Entry Form is used to enter and approve funding on PCard transactions that are made outside the Gorilla Marketplace.   These transactions should be entered and reconciled as quickly as possible to allow audit and posting of the transactions prior to 06/29/12.  All procurement card logs and supporting documents for the June 5th billing statement must be to the Purchasing Office by 4:30 p.m. on 6/12/12.  Remember all charges posted to the BPC on or after the June 6th will require FY13 funding.
  • Encumber Funds:  An encumbrance is used at the end of the fiscal year to record obligations that have been incurred during the year but will not be paid before the close of the fiscal year.  If you have any expenses for FY 12 that you will not receive and/or pay until after 7/1/12, please complete the Encumber Funds form with the estimated charges including freight by June 29th.  Please remember that forms submitted through Gorilla Marketplace must complete the workflow process, including all approvals, to be accepted as a valid FY 12 purchase order/encumbrance.  

Do Not use the Encumber Funds form if:

  • Vendor requires a purchase order or you have already completed a purchase order for this transaction, as funds are encumbered when the order is placed.
  • Payment is to be made by P-Card.  
  • Payment is for an on-campus service (i.e., phone, postage, printing, etc.).

Do use the Encumber Funds form if:

  • Funds are to be encumbered NOW for vendor payment LATER by CHECK for goods and services.
  • You are committing FY12 funds (have placed an order with a vendor or have signed a contract with a service provider by 6/30/12) with the understanding that goods or services will be received on or after 7/1/12.

Listed below are some general guidelines for determination of the appropriate fiscal year for some common departmental expenditures.

  • Utilities - Fiscal year is determined by the ending date of service.
  • Travel - Fiscal year is determined by the date that the segment of travel took place. In cases of consecutive travel that begins in the old fiscal year and ends in the new fiscal year, the entire cost may be charged to the new fiscal year.
  • Dues, Memberships and Subscriptions - Fiscal year determination is the beginning date of the membership or subscription period.
  • Professional Services - Fiscal year is determined by the date that the services were rendered.
  • Other Contractual Services - Fiscal year is determined by the date that the services were provided.


  • New Vendors:  Any orders to be paid/encumbered to a new vendor requiring setup in the vendor file must be turned in with a completed W-9 by 06/20/12 to allow time for processing.  Any questions concerning vendors should be directed to Shari Saia in the Purchasing Office at Ext. 4167. 

SERVICE CLEARING: The Business Office will need all clearings by 4:00p.m. Thursday, June 21st.  All clearing charges will be posted and visible on your units by 06/27/12. 

DEPOSITS: All receipts or collections received and/or dated in June must be deposited BEFORE 2:00 p.m., Friday, June 29, 2012.

CHANGE FUNDS: All change funds must be returned to their authorized amounts effective 06/30/12.

  1. If your change fund is "long": Deposit the accumulated overage as your last receipt for the year. Use source code 459090 with the description; "Write off accumulated overage."
  2. If your change fund is "short": Prepare a requisition in Gorilla Marketplace payable to your change fund in the amount of the accumulated shortage. Use the description "To restore change fund for shortage accumulated as of 06/30/12." Send a copy of the change fund reconciliation to the Business Office as your invoice and a copy to the Cashiers & Student Accounts Office.
  3. Send an additional photocopy of your final daily deposit from the year to the Cashiers & Student Accounts Office. This will be a total of 1 original and 2 copies as opposed to the normal 1 original and 1 copy that is usually sent to the Cashiers & Student Accounts Office. 
  4. Complete and attach the DA-75, Reconciliation of Change Fund, with your cash counts as of 06/30/12. Please return the DA-75 as soon as possible to the Cashiers & Student Accounts Office as they will need to be forwarded to Accounts & Reports in Topeka.

CORRECTIONS & UNIT BALANCES: Please review your units for any corrections which need to be made or changes in funding.  Transactions may be reviewed through GL.LOOK until unit reports are issued sometime in early July.  It is recommended that the account reconciler do a regular review during June of transactions as they post.  This will allow issues to be addressed as they arise rather than waiting for preliminary unit reports to be issued.  Please have any corrections or changes for FY12 to the Business Office by NOON on July 6, 2012.


We sincerely appreciate your cooperation. The various deadlines are important as there are several processes items must go through once they arrive at the Business Office. If you have any questions you may contact Barbara Winter at 4152, Misty Button at 4150, or Don Hartshorn at 4153.