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Refund Options


Direct deposit is the preferred method for student refunds at Pittsburg State University. It is the safest and quickest way to receive money that is due to you. If you are not signed up for direct deposit of student refunds, a refund check will be issued to you. Direct deposits will be processed multiple times per week, while checks will be printed only once per week on the first business day of the week.


Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account

  • You will need to provide your account type (checking or savings), your financial institution’s routing number and account number in GUS under the Personal Information section at
  • It is extremely important that your financial institution’s account information is entered correctly. Incorrect information will result in a delay in you receiving your refund.
  • Funds will generally be available in your bank account within two to three days after being released from your student account. Check with your financial institution for their Funds Availability Policy.
  • In the event your financial institution refuses the electronic transfer of funds, it could be up to ten business days before the University will produce a refund check.
  • When you select this option, you give consent for PSU to provide certain student information to your financial institution.
  • The Cashiers and Student Accounts Office reserves the right to select and / or change your refund option if necessary.
  • If you want to terminate direct deposit of your refund, you will need to disable your Direct Deposit in GUS under the Student Accounts section at
  • Direct Deposit is not an option for Federal Parent PLUS Loans. A check will be sent to the parent at the address designated by the parent.


Check by Mail

  • This option is not recommended, as it will cause a delay in any refund that you may receive. Checks are only mailed on the first business day of the week.
  • Be sure to keep your permanent address up to date in GUS at, as this is where the refund check will be mailed. All checks must be mailed. Checks will be mailed through the US Postal Service, so please allow a minimum of 3-5 business days for mail processing time.
  • Refund checks mailed to an outdated student address will have to wait until the refund check is returned to PSU or wait 10 business days, whichever occurs first, until the refund can be reissued. To avoid delays in receiving your refund check, students are encouraged to set up Direct Deposit.
  • If your check is lost or stolen, it will be your responsibility to contact Cashiers and Student Accounts in Horace Mann, Room 112, call 620-235-4092 or e-mail and request that the check be reissued. Checks will not be reissued until 10 business days have passed from the date of the original check. A signed Lost or Stolen Check Affidavit Form may be required by the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office before the check is reissued.
  • A $25 administrative fee may be assessed for issuing a replacement check.
  • PSU does not verify funds for check cashing by third party entities.
  • Cashiers and Student Accounts reserves the right to select and / or change your refund option if necessary.
  • Refund checks not cashed within 90 days of issuance are not valid. These checks will have a stop payment placed on them and cannot be cashed. Refunds containing federal loan or grant funds will have the funds returned to the appropriate federal program.




Any refund that is a result of an overpayment by non-certified funds (personal check, money order, etc.) will be held for 15 days before the refund is processed. Refunds that are a result of dropped classes must be approved by the Registrar’s Office and Office of Student Financial Assistance before being issued to the student.