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Create a Self-Manged Credential File

What are Self-Managed Credentials?

A credential file is a packet of information used by candidates seeking jobs in education. Self-managing allows the candidate to have complete control over the file. This means that candidates must gather and organize all materials for their file.

What should I put in my file?

Credential Files typically contain the following, in this particular order:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Letter of Application (Cover Letter)
  • Updated Resume
  • Updated Transcript – a copy of your official and unofficial transcripts can be requested by contacting the Registrar’s Office at (620) 235-4200 or online at
  • Recent Student Teacher Evaluations
  • 3-5 Letters of Recommendation (Both hard copy and electronic version) (Non-Confidential)

 How do I send the school district my self-managed file?

  • Submit your file when district requests it; usually during the application process.
  • Contact the school district with any questions on what to send.
  • Submit materials in requested format as soon as possible.
  • Keep a record of the school districts you have contacted.
  • Follow up with the school district to ensure they received your credentials.

 How do I request letters of recommendation?

  • Obtain letters from individuals who have observed your teaching ability.
  • Provide your reference a copy of your resume and emphasize the information that is important.
  • Give a specific date on when the letter needs to be completed and emailed to you. Provide an addressed, stamped envelope and your email address.
  • Send copies of the original to the school district.
  • Send the reference a thank you note for their recommendation.
  • Stay in contact with your reference.

 Advantages of self-managing:

  • Control what information is sent to the school districts, and when it is sent.
  • Saves money by eliminating the credential request fee.
  • Demonstrates responsibility by managing the files yourself and sending them to the school district in a timely manner.