Procedures & Guidelines for Travel Expenses on the BPC

The following travel expenses will be allowed on BPCs:

  • Airfare & associated charges
  • Lodging
    • Must follow state allowed rates. See Quick Reference
      If staying at a hotel that the lodging is above the state maximum allowed rate, the lodging must be paid for personally and the allowed amount will be reimbursed after the trip.
    • PSU is exempt from both Kansas and Missouri state sales taxes (you may be charged for the other lodging taxes). If paying for lodging (in Kansas or Missouri) with a BPC and the hotel charges Kansas or Missouri sales tax, the department must request a refund from the hotel.
    • If using a BPC for lodging, all personal charges (i.e. room service, movies, etc) must be paid with a personal credit card. The hotel clerk should be instructed to use the personal credit card for the personal charges. If personal charges are accidentally paid through the BPC, the traveler must reimburse those expenses as soon as they return from their trip.
  • Conference Registrations
  • Tolls
  • Business calls
  • Business Internet charge
  • Parking
  • Rental Car
  • The Enterprise Reservation Request Form has been updated to include a Payment Information section where the type of credit card is provided
  • Rental Car Fuel (Fuel for personal vehicles is NOT allowed.)

Each traveler is recommended to have a BPC in their own name.

  • Exceptions will be allowed for infrequent travelers. In such cases, they may use the department's BPC for airfare, lodging, and rental car if the cardholder approves the use of the card. The cardholder is responsible for making sure the traveler follows all guidelines and the card is subject to the below listed consequences for personal use as well as BPC guidelines.
  • Students are considered to be infrequent travelers.
  • Candidates' and non-employees' (i.e. speakers) airfare, lodging, and rental car expenses can be charged to the department's BPC.

Non-Approved Travel Expenses

  • Any personal charges accidentally paid through the BPC must be immediately reimbursed. The traveler will not be reimbursed any allowable expenses until the personal portion is reimbursed to PSU. The personal portion will not be withheld from the travelers allowed reimbursable expenses.
  • If there are personal travel expenses paid through the BPC, the following consequences will be enforced: The offences are on a per trip basis.
    • First offense- reminder sent to the cardholder to not charge personal expense to the BPC
    • Second offense- lose ability to charge travel expenses to the BPC for two months

o    Third offense- lose ability to charge travel expenses to the BPC permanently

  • The regular BPC guidelines must be followed (detailed receipts, turning in receipts timely, etc) and consequences for not following them are applicable. Travel expenses may not be paid through the BPC during the time it is inactive due to noncompliance with regular BPC guidelines. The BPC Travel Form must be submitted with the monthly reconciliation of your BPC account.

Procedures for Canceled Travel

  • If a trip was canceled for personal reasons, the traveler will have to reimburse those expenses paid in advance with the BPC. If an airfare credit was obtained; the traveler must reimburse PSU for the credit in addition to any amount not credited.
  • If a trip was canceled for business reasons, due to emergency, or medical reasons, the traveler will not be responsible for those expenses paid in advance with the BPC. Any airfare credits not applied directly to the BPC should be presented back to the department to be used on the traveler's next trip.