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Advocates are available to assist victims in making informed decisions about medical, law enforcement, and court processes and will act as a liaison between the victim and other social service agencies.  Advocates provide supportive counseling that includes safety planning, education on the dynamics of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, assistance in establishing an Action Plan and setting personal goals, and providing information and referrals.


Join SVP!

Interested in becoming a peer educator with Students for Violence Prevention?


Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Awareness, Education, & Resources

Sexual violence can include sexual actions and words that coerce, manipulate, or are forced upon someone with the intent to intimidate, humiliate, dominate, subjugate, or control.



What is stalking?

The legal definitions of stalking in Kansas is intentional, malicious, and repeated following or harassment of another person and making a credible threat with the intent to place such person in reasonable fear for such person's safety. 


Domestic/Dating Violence

Domestic/Dating Violence Awareness, Education, & Resources

Domestic Violence is the pattern of abusive & coercive behaviors used to gain power & control over the victim.


About Us:

A group of peer educators working to raise awareness and educate students on campus about issues such as: dating violence, domestic violence, healthy and unhealthy relationships, bystander behaviors, sexual assault, sexual consent, stalking, and bystander intervention. We provide interactive presentations and programming to students to further educate them in these issues and hold awareness events on campus and in the community. We present to freshmen experience classes, residence halls, ROTC, Greek Life, Athletics, student organizations, as well as middle schools and high schools in the area.

All of our students go through training on these issues before they become members.

We hold a 1 credit hour training class every Spring semester. Ali Smith, Coordinator of Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy and SVP advisor conducts student training. The trainees are then inducted into the group in the fall semester as members. For those unable to participate in the spring semester training because of class scheduling conflicts or other reasons, we have created a training day that lasts 5 hours and is usually held on a Sunday afternoon. The training day only takes place during the Fall semesters. See below for training day and class dates. 

Next Training for New Members: Sunday August 28th, 2016 - 1:00pm - 6:00pm 

We have a short application process so we can get to know you and why you are interested in joining our group.
Completed applications can be turned into the Violence Prevention office located inside the Campus Activities Center (CAC) in the Overman Student Center or email to Ali Smith and Breana Washington (Student Coordinator).

Once we receive your application you will be contacted for an interview to get to know our potential members better and to answer any questions you might have about the training or Students for Violence Prevention!

Please note on your application if you would like to be involved in the day training or the semester training. 

After you are trained and become a member, you will attend SVP meetings every Monday at 3:00pm. This meeting is also a 1 credit hour class. This class is graded, not pass/fail. SVP has a point system for members when it comes to attendance and involvement in programming, events, and activities. 

Schedule A Presentation With Us!

We would love to come to your class, meeting, or dorm floor to educate on the following topics: dating violence, domestic violence, healthy & unhealthy relationships, sexual assault, sexual consent/communication, bystander behaviors, stalking, and bystander intervention. 

Possible programming themes: Sexual Communication/Consent, Healthy VS. Unhealthy Relationships, bystander intervention in the areas of dating violence & sexual assault, sexual violence 101, stalking 101, etc. 

Fill out a presentation/workshop request form to request a program!

50 Minute Programs

  • Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, & Bystander Intervention 101
    (Beginner to Intermediate Level: Covers dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual consent, and bystander intervention.
    This program is primarily done for Freshman Experience classes and Transition Classes but can be tweaked for any audience)
  • Sexual Violence 101
    (Beginner to Intermediate Level: Covers sexual violence, sexual assault, reporting, resources, supporting survivors, consent, & bystander intervention. Previously presented to ROTC)
  • Victim is Not A Dirty Word
    (Intermediate to Advanced Level: Covers language and how we use it, how a victim responds to trauma, meeting victims where they are, and how to respond to victims of sexual and domestic violence. Previously presented at BACCHUS Area 5 Meeting of the Minds in KC, Missouri and BACCHUS General Assembly in Reston, VA. Perfect for those who work directly with victims). 

20 Minute Programs

  • Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships: Dating Violence 101

Other 20 minute programs could focus on one small area of violence prevention, such as sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking. 

90 Minute Programs 

Coming Soon: Escalation Workshop 

This research-based workshop is 90 minutes long and consists of an award winning film followed by a guided discussion. The film follows a college relationship from its relatable beginning to its tragic ending. 
Below is a breakdown of the workshop:
- Escalation film screening (40 minutes)
- Small group (approximately 25 people or less) guided discussion (40 minutes)
- Activating students to join the One Love Movement (10 minutes)
The goals of the Escalation Workshop:
- To raise awareness about relationship violence
- To educate students on the warning signs of an abusive relationship
- To educate students on how to intervene in their own relationship or in a friend’s
- To create a safe space for students to discuss the issue of unhealthy relationships, their campus culture, and beliefs about healthy relationships, while inspiring them to continue the conversation afterwards
Watch the Escalation film trailer 

Past Events & Programming: 

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Candlelight Vigil 
  • Clean Up Domestic Violence Donation Drive 
    (Collaboration with Safehouse Crisis Center Inc.) 
  • Team Up Against Domestic Violence
    (Collaboration with Student Athletic Advisory Council, Resident Hall Assembly, & Gorillas In Your Midst) 
  • It's On Us Week of Action 
  • BACCHUS General Assembly 
  • P.S. I Love You: Stalking Awareness Evening & Panel 
  • Cinematic & Lyrical Stalker Trivia 
  • Vagina Monologues
    (Collaboration with SEK Now & Women's Studies Club to benefit Safehouse Crisis Center) 
  • Healthy Relationship Week 
  • Healthy Relationship Contest 
  • Safe Spring Break Week 
  • Meeting of the Minds
  • Pledge Away Sexual Assault 
  • Poetry Slam Against Violence 
  • Lucky Lift

Past SVP Awards: 

  • PSU Most Improved Student Organization 2013
  • Meeting of the Minds Area 5 Outstanding Advisor 2015 Brooke Powell
  • PSU Organization of the Year 2015
  • PSU Program of the Year 2015 P.S. I Love You: Stalking Awareness Evening
  • BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA Outstanding Program 2015 P.S. I Love You: Stalking Awareness Evening 
  • Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence Project of the Year Award 2015 - 2016 
    (Partnership between Safehouse Crisis Center and Pittsburg State University’s Students for Violence Prevention)
  • The NASPA-BACCHUS Initiatives Region IV-W Peer Education Award for Excellence, Outstanding Program 2015 - 2016 Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • The NASPA-BACCHUS Initiatives Region IV-W Peer Education Award for Excellence - Outstanding Advisor 2015 - 2016 Ali Smith

From SVP Alumni 

"I loved being a part of SVP because it was a family made up of people who are passionate about the same inequalities as you. Each of us want to shed light on a very dark topic in order to help others. It's a group made of helping people who intend to make a difference, and what's better than that?" - Katy Savage, SVP Member 2012 - 2015 

"To this day I have still taken the lessons, stories, and encouragement SVP gave me, and have applied them to how I think and how my perspective can have an effect on my job, friends, family and even those who may just need help. It's inspiring to know there is a group of people trying to help make not only awareness, but progress in any way they can. SVP was such a great part of my college experience! I would encourage anyone to join without hesitation! Watching SVP grow over the last few years and seeing their accomplishments makes me so proud to know I was apart of this team!" - Casey Porter, SVP Member 2011 - 2014 


Which training should I choose? 

The 1 credit hour semester training is the training that we suggest for everyone; however, if you are unable to be involved in this training option because of the day/time, we offer a training day as another option. The training day option is ideal for those who are upperclassmen and already feel that they have a good grasp of the topics we cover. 

Why does SVP count as a 1 credit hour class? 

Students for Violence Prevention is a peer education program. The training is a 1 credit hour class and then when students are trained, they will become members. Our regular meeting is also a 1 credit hour class. Because we are peer educators, we keep learning every class period and every semester. We want to be continually learning the best ways to educate those around us on the topics of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual consent, healthy and unhealthy relationships, stalking, and bystander intervention. Our members do not have to enroll in the one credit class. They can still attend meetings, but don't have to officially enroll. Please talk to us about what would be best for you after you become a member. 

Contact us:

Caitlin Martin, Student Coordinator:

Ali Smith, SVP Advisor/Campus Victim Advocate:  

Office: Violence Prevention Office (Inside the Campus Activities Center), Overman Student Center, 620-235-4831

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More specific information about Stalking, Sexual Assault, and Domestic/Dating Violence, and joining SVP can be found on the left side of this page


January 2018 - Stalking Activism Month

January 22 - February 5 - Healthy Relationship Contest


January 22 - February 5 - Healthy Relationship Contest

February 12 - 16 Healthy Relationship Week 

February 13 Sex in the Ballroom 7:00pm 

March 2017

Safe Spring Break Week March 12 - 16

April - Sexual Assault Activism Month

Programs TBA

Gorilla Warm Up - August 20th