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Alcohol and Other Drugs

General Wellness

Emotional Health

Fitness and Nutrition

Rape and Sexual Assault

Sexual Health



Please contact Nicole Bishop- Student Coordinator gorillasinyourmidst1@yahoo.com or J.T. Knoll at 620-235-4062 or by email at jknoll@pittstate.edu for more information. Or stop by our office - 105 lower level Overman.

Upcoming Events

Karaoke Nights, 8pm- 10pm, U-Club:

February 6

March 6,

April 3

May 1

Healthy Relationship Week

February 10 – 14


Valentine’s Day Flower Sale

February 14 


Safe Spring Break Week

Mar. 10 -14

Love Your Body Month


Stressed Out?

Sressed Gorilla

Feeling Stressed? Test Anxiety? Log off in one of the five massage chairs in the Relaxation Room adjacent to the U-Club in Overman Student Center or try one of these useful Relaxation/Visualization Exercises!