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Fraternity Recruitment

Formal fraternity recruitment will be held August 18, 2014 - August 22, 2014. Registration is currently closed.

For more information contact:
Campus Activities Center (620) 235-4795

Hazing Policy
IFC and PHC at Pittsburg State University, along with the National Interfraternity Council, National Panhellenic Conference and the Greek Life Office, opposes any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off Fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, ridicule, or any other activities which are not consistent with Fraternal law, ritual, policy, or the regulations and policies of the university.

Sorority Recruitment

Click here to register for sorority recruitment! 

For questions about recruitment email pittstaterecruitment@yahoo.com

Sororities at Pitt State utilize a formal recruitment process that takes place the week before classes begin each fall. During this time, women interested in joining sororities move into their assigned residence halls early, they get a chance to visit each sorority and meet members from each chapter. Sorority recruitment is open all PSU women who are enrolled as full-time students.

You must register online to participate in sorority recruitment. There is a fee to participate in recruitment which includes meals and activities. 


Sunday, August 10th 

Women participating in Sorority Recruitment will be allowed to move into their residence hall room at 10:00 AM. Only students with existing contracts with University Housing will move in to their assigned residence halls early for sorority recruitment.  Check-in to your assigned residence hall MUST be completed between 10am-12pm on August 10th; you will have the majority of the afternoon to move in. Recruitment Staff members will be on hand to assist with moving!

Parent’s Orientation
During this session, parents will be provided information regarding all facts of sorority life and will be able to get all their questions answered by the PSU Greek Advisor and members of the Recruitment Staff. Parent Orientation will be at 4pm on August 10th in Grubbs 107 - see you there!

Monday, August 11th
Recruitment Orientation
Recruitment guests will be informed about the upcoming week activities, will get acquainted with other guests and will be assigned to their Recruitment Counselors.

House Tours Day
Recruitment Guests will travel to each sorority’s chapter house and will be introduced to Sorority Life and all that it can offer. Dress is casual with cool, comfortable clothes and comfortable walking shoes.

Tuesday, August 12th
Sisterhood Day

Recruitment Guests will travel to each sorority’s chapter house and will be introduced to each Sorority and its activities and standards. Dress is casual with cool, comfortable clothes and comfortable walking shoes.

Wednesday, August 13th
Philanthropy Day

Recruitment Guests will be introduced to the value of community service and the important role it plays within each chapter. Guests will participate in a community service project with the chapters. Dress for this evening is still comfortable, but slightly dressier. A nice skirt, capri pants or sun dress are recommended.

Thursday, August 14th
Preference Day

This night is the most sentimental of all the evenings. During this night, Recruitment Guests may participate in a sisterhood ceremony and may hear speakers talk about the sisterhood within their chapters. Dress for this evening is the most formal. A nice dress or pant outfit is recommended.

Friday, August 15th
Bid Day

Recruitment Guests will find out which chapter they have been invited to join. Although morning activities are casual, chapters have a formal association ceremony later in the day, and all chapters recommended a nice white dress for the occasion.

Fraternal Leadership Summit - Saturday, August 16th
All fraternity and sorority members of the fraternity/sorority community (actives, new members, associate members) are invited to attend the Fraternal Leadership Summit. For more details, contact the Campus Activities Center at 620-235-4795

Click here to register for Formal Fraternity Recruitment! 

  - Fraternity Formal Recruitment will be held August 16, 2014-22, 2014. Registration is currently closed.


Click here to register for Formal Sorority Recruitment! 

  - Sorority Recruitment Registration will be open from May 3, 2014 - July 31, 2014.


For more information contact the Campus Activities Center at (620)-235-4795 or campusactivities@pittstate.edu