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Campus Activities Center
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Please contact Nicole Bishop- Student Coordinator gorillasinyourmidst1@yahoo.com or J.T. Knoll at 620-235-4062 or by email at jknoll@pittstate.edu for more information. Or stop by our office - 105 lower level Overman.

Current Members

JT Knoll

Tambree Wilson -Student Coordinator

Stephanie Baima

Nicole Bishop

Matthew Brooks

Alison Clark

Anna Davied

Danielle Ackermann

Alison Clark

Kelsey Glover

Kaitlyn Herder

Michael Holland

Kelsey Lueck

Keyvin Roach

Brady Steinbock

Stephanie Southerland

Olivia Wright

Brittany Zimmerman

Delia Clifford

Sarah Duffy


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Former Members

Upcoming Events

Karaoke Nights, 8pm- 10pm, U-Club:

February 6

March 6,

April 3

May 1

Healthy Relationship Week

February 10 – 14


Valentine’s Day Flower Sale

February 14 


Safe Spring Break Week

Mar. 10 -14

Love Your Body Month


Stressed Out?

Sressed Gorilla

Feeling Stressed? Test Anxiety? Log off in one of the five massage chairs in the Relaxation Room adjacent to the U-Club in Overman Student Center or try one of these useful Relaxation/Visualization Exercises!