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Members of GIYM and SVP accepting the BACCHUS - NASPA “Outstanding Peer Education Group” award in Kansas City, November 2017.

Spring 2016 GIYM Class Photo

What Is Gorillas In Your Midst

We are a Peer Health Education group interested in reaching our peers concerning various social issues through interactive skits, performances and presentations in order to help them make healthier, more informed decisions. We have produced a variety of programming on such topics as:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Rape, Acquaintance/Date Rape, and Sexual Assault
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS
  • Eating Disorders
  • Contraception and Unexpected Pregnancy
  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Stress Management

These programs are provided to PSU student groups and local schools to help them become better informed to make healthier decision in their own lives and to assist in the lives of others around them. We provide our services without charge, but gladly accept donations.

Why Peer Education
It is our belief that peer education is an effective instrument in which one may deliver information to a target audience, since the messenger is more like them in lifestyle and circumstances. In other words, you are more likely to listen to someone you identify with than someone who is going to lecture you.

What To Expect
Our programs are highly versatile and adaptive, giving us the opportunity to cater our message to our target audience. We use a variety of formats to accomplish this, including skits, individual vignettes, games, guided discussions, informal presentations, songs, and dramatizations. Most of our programs can be done in one hour, and consists of a warm-up activity, a brief introduction, the performance itself, a question and answer time, de-rolling, and closure. We only ask that you give us at least two weeks notice to prepare for your program. A sound system is requested as well, but not necessary for our presentation for your school or group.

SafeRide/Gus Bus/ P.A.C.T. Plus

SEK-CAP provides a van and a Kansas Department of Transportation trained and certified driver for the PSU SafeRide program Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11 p.m. – 2:30 a.m. Rides are provided in the Frontenac – Pittsburg area. Because SEK-CAP also runs the Pittsburg Area Call 719-0135 and look for the grey Windstar van with the "CHOICES" sign in the front and "PSU SafeRide" signs on the sides.

The GUS BUS will operate Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, 11 p.m. – 3 a.m. (see map attached).  Students along this route can expect the GUS BUS every 30 minutes. Please note: the GUS BUS does not replace the SafeRide service accessed by calling 719-0135 Wednesday – Saturday nights 11 p.m. – 2:30 a.m. but the SafeRide driver may suggest you to catch the GUS BUS if you’re on, or near, the fixed route, as it is intended to free up the SafeRide van to provide rides to those not on the bus route.

                                             Gus Bus

  1. Park & Broadway                             8. Bowen, Trout, Tanner Halls
  2. PSU & Broadway                             9. Crimson Commons
  3. Dellinger & Nation Halls                 10. Washington & Joplin
  4. Chatters                                       11. McCarthy’s Pub
  5. Summerfield                                 12. Bubba’s 311 Pub
  6. Crimson Villas                               13. 6th & Broadway
  7. Axe Library                                   14. 5th & Broadway


Students can plan ahead by calling 687-4278 for a free ride anywhere in the Frontenac-Pittsburg area on the P.A.C.T. Plus Bus. from 9pm-11pm and thereby not have to worry about leaving their car behind when using saferide for a ride home from a bar or party. For more information, contact Taylor Panczer at 235-4062 or

Some examples of valid SafeRide/Gus Bus/ P.A.C.T. Plus uses
    •     Getting to a safe location after a car breakdown within city limits.
    •     You have been studying late at the Library and there is no alternative to getting back to your residence unless you walk by yourself.
    •     You are out with friends. Somehow, you get separated and have no alternative but to walk home alone or accept a ride with people you have just met.
    •     Your date (friend or acquaintance) becomes difficult and you need a ride back to your residence hall.
    •     It's 11:30 p.m. and you need a ride to your residence hall on campus.
    •     You're at a party in town or an area bar and you know you’ve had too much to drink to drive or walk home alone safely.

SafeRide/Gus Bus/ P.A.C.T. Plus Etiquette
    •     Please be respectful to the driver, vehicle, and other passengers at all times.
    •     Be ready to go when your vehicle arrives and enter and exit your vehicle promptly, every minute you keep our driver waiting is another minute the person after you has to wait.
    •     Clean up after yourself. Do not leave any garbage in the vehicle and make sure you have all your possessions before exiting, especially your keys and cell phone.
    •     If for whatever reason you can't make your pickup, please call us, to reschedule or cancel it. By not showing up you are wasting a ride that somebody else could have used.

Please contact Sarah Lueck - Student Coordinator or Taylor Panczer at 620-235-4062 or by email at for more information. Or stop by our office in the Campus Activities Center, 109 Overman Student Center. 

November Events

Click here for a full list of our events for the semester

Dear World Live at Pitt State

Dear World is a storytelling event that will take place on Tuesday, November 7th at 7pm in the Ballroom. There will also be a live photo shoot for any student to partake in on November 7th from 11:30am - 1:30pm in the Overman Student Center Crossroads. For more information and details about this event click here. For more questions about this event you can call the GAB office at 620-235-4801 or email our Issues and Ideas Chair at

Harry Potter Movie Marathon

GAB will be showing all 8 of the Harry Potter movies starting on Monday, November 13th and ending on Thursday, November 16th. The movies will play in order each day from 4:30-9:30. For a full list of Movie showings and times/locations click here. For more information about movie showings you can call the GAB office at 620-235-4801 or email us at

Fantastic Beasts {Movie Premiere}

On Friday, November 17th at 7pm in the Overman Student Center Ballroom GAB will be premiering Fantastic Beasts.

The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York's secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.

Fantastic Beasts {Movie Showings}

Starting On Saturday, November 18th Fantastic Beasts will be playing in the Uclub basement movie theater of the Overman Student Center. Times are 12pm, 3pm, and 7pm everyday until November 20th.

Stressed Out?

Sressed Gorilla

Feeling Stressed? Test Anxiety? Log off in one of the five massage chairs in the Relaxation Room adjacent to the U-Club in Overman Student Center or try one of these useful Relaxation/Visualization Exercises!