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Universitas, the College of Arts and Science's newsletter has been around for many years and will be around for many years to come.  It has gone through changes recently having switched from a traditional, printed format delivered once a year to an electronic format delivered multiple times a year.

What has remained the same is our desire to bring news of the doings of the College of Arts and Sciences at Pittsburg State University to its alumni and friends.  This has been and always will be our purpose.  There is a desire to do this better and in a more timely way.  In order to meet that need, the College of Arts and Sciences has initiated a news blog on the Word Press blog service.  You can get to it by pressing this link or by pasting the address below into your web browser:


We intend to post events, honors, and news at this site as it occurs while continuing to maintain the tradition of Universitas. We see the two serving as partners with the same purpose: keeping friends of the Pittsburg State University College of Arts and Sciences informed about our comings and goings.

Let us know what you think.  Keep us informed about your comings and goings as well.  Contact me at this e-mail address.

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