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Donors make the difference


This year the Pittsburg State University College of Arts and Sciences supported its students with $817,000 in scholarships and $258,000 in graduate assistantships.

“The assistantship money goes to graduate students for service to the university,” said Interim Dean Stephen Meats. “This is mainly in the form of teaching.  The scholarship money is principally awarded to undergraduates.  While the assistantship money comes mostly from state and federal government money and grants, the scholarship money is almost all due to private donations from alumni and friends of the various academic programs.”

This money is very important to students on campus, most of whom, besides modest financial support from their families, depend upon scholarships, loans, and the money they earn themselves to be able to afford the cost of a college education.

“It is important that people realize,” states Cynthia Allan, Chair of the Department of Communication, “that there are real majors with real support coming from the College of Arts and Sciences, and this support is from people who were once students here themselves.”

During the recent economic downturn, this support has become increasingly important as it becomes more difficult for students to “work their way through college.”  This sentiment was echoed by Mary Carol Pomatto, Chair of the Department of Nursing.

Scholarship support can make the difference in whether or not a student can afford another semester of education toward completion of their degree,” she says.  “We try to stress to donors the importance of their contributions.”

Total student support from the College of Arts and Sciences was over $1 million.


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