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Telegrams from alumni


Art: Tera Reed is going to have work published in the national art and design journal, Creative Quarterly Magazine, Issue 20.  Tera received her BFA (2009) and her MA (2010) at Pittsburg State University. She will be working for the Department of Art next semester as an instructor for two Design World courses.  Her art can be found on her blog.

Music: Julie Gifford writes:  I am an alum from 1972 who is in the process of retiring, so a stroll down memory lane seems in order.  I graduated with a music education degree and spent several years in public schools teaching elementary music. I also had a private studio for a number of years, teaching piano and voice.  Ultimately, I went back to school and earned a master's in English.  I have spent the last 15 years at Allen Community College on the Burlingame campus, an outreach campus near Topeka.  ACCC is one of the fastest growing community colleges in Kansas, and we have seen much of that growth on [the Burlingame] campus. I have enjoyed my time here at ACCC and I do my best to send students on to Pitt State.  In this, my last semester as full time faculty, I want to say that my undergraduate education at Pitt State prepared me well.  Thank you!”


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