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 I had lunch yesterday with a group of faculty and administrators from Hutchinson Community College and had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Hence Parson, the chair of their Social Science Department. 

 During our conversation, I was delighted to learn that Hence graduated from Pittsburg State in the early 1970s, and it occurred to me when I returned to my office that one of the particularly gratifying things about being a long-time faculty member or academic administrator is hearing from alums.

 I'm not referring only to the fortunate few who earn accolades from their alma mater as meritorious achievement award or outstanding alumni award winners, though of course, I like hearing from them, too. I have sat on the board that selects such winners and clearly recall being awed by the thick file of applicants who have had such spectacular careers and gratified to know that Pittsburg State has produced some very impressive graduates:  Pulitzer Prize winners, military generals, college presidents, and CEOs of major corporations.

 But, in writing this, I'm specifically thinking of Hence Parson and alums like him who graduate and then go about quietly building productive lives and careers. We receive bits of news from a few graduates now and then, but we rarely hear from most, and even more rarely see. Hence said, for example, that this was the first time he had been back to PSU since he graduated more than thirty years ago.

Hence left PSU before I came in 1979, but even though he was never a student of mine, I derived immense satisfaction from hearing a little about the path he has taken from graduation to the present moment and from seeing him at work, representing his department and his school, gathering information that he might be able to use to improve his programs and to serve his students better.

And I thought, this is ultimately what being an educator is all about, hearing from alums-that the immense effort we as teachers, administrators, and staff put into making PSU the best educational institution it can be has had an impact-that the students who enter these halls find here what they need, like Hence Parson, to go on to live satisfying, fulfilling lives and to be of service to others.

So I would encourage all you alums out there to send us your story. We want to hear from you.

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