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 The College of Arts and Sciences notes the retirement of two faculty who had each served the university for forty or more years: Dr. Elwyn Davis of the Department of Mathematics and Dr. Stephen Teller of the Department of English.

Dr. Davis arrived on campus in August of 1969 when PSU was still known as Kansas State College of Pittsburg.

"It is hard to single out the single biggest change on campus since I arrived," said Davis, "but two [changes] stand out." These are the geography of campus and the decision to unionize.

"In 1969 the campus pretty much existed between the lake and Broadway. Now it extends a little over a mile east to west," said Davis. While positive about the university's growth, Davis is less sanguine about the other change, but nevertheless is positive about his legacy.

"I hope that I am remembered for presenting good mathematics to students and cheerfully working hard to help them understand it," said Davis.

Dr. Teller came to Pittsburg to teach in September of 1967 and noted the changes that have occurred in the use of technology.

"The biggest changes were the rise of the computer, including e-mail, cd-roms, and the video revolution," he said. He wishes to be remembered as "a teacher who loved the things I was teaching; as a source of information (useful and useless) that could be tapped by anyone who asked; as a 'ham' who was never totally off the stage."

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