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Transitions!  This time of year is always filled with transitions.  In May, we launched 321 graduates from the College of Arts & Sciences.  Even with the difficult economy, many are off to exciting new careers and positions, or to graduate or professional schools.  In June we began the process of enrolling incoming new students.  Each Friday and Monday through the month and into July, the campus is abuzz with these new students arriving with all of their hopes, dreams, and fears.  Our department chairs and faculty meet with them to assist in selecting classes for fall semester.

Summer classes started June 8 and will continue through the end of July.  Some faculty members are having international experiences this summer by attending conferences, teaching in the PSU in Paraguay program, traveling with students, and exploring new opportunities for learning and research.

As with every year, this is one filled with these ordinary transitions.  But this year we face even more transitions.  As you likely know, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Steve Scott has transitioned to become the next President of Pittsburg State University on June 29th.  He has asked that I take on the role of Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs during the next year and I transitioned into that role on June 29th as well.  That leaves the Arts & Sciences Dean position open.  Dr. Stephen Meats has agreed to serve as Interim Dean and of course, that requires that a faculty member from the English Department be appointed Interim Chairperson.  Dr. Celia Patterson has agreed to take on that role. 

Not only is the leadership of the University and College shifting, due to budget reductions, we were forced to leave positions vacant for the next year at least.  In addition to three faculty positions, two department chair positions have been left open and their responsibilities shifted to chairs of other departments.  This will be a challenging year for the College but we will continue to fulfill our mission, doing so with the great passion and compassion associated with Pittsburg State. 

I will admit being a little melancholy right now as I sort through my office in Grubbs Hall and plan the temporary move to Russ Hall.  I have so enjoyed the alumni, faculty, staff, and students in the College of Arts & Sciences over my eight years as Dean.  The good news for me is that I remain at Pittsburg State University and will still be able to support the work of the college.

I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Bobby Winters for his continued efforts in editing Universitas and keeping us all informed of the remarkable things happening in Arts & Sciences at Pittsburg State University!   

Lynette Olson


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