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Pittsburg State senior Jenna Bausch launched the #PeopleOfPSU social media series as part of her internship with the University Marketing and Communication Office.

Student launches #PeopleOfPSU series

Senior Jenna Bausch's internship project was inspired by the popular Humans Of New York series.

In her four years as a Pittsburg State University student, Jenna Bausch has met a lot of people. 

Fellow students. Faculty members. Staff.

“But I honestly don’t know many of their stories,” said Bausch. “You go through four years here seeing so many different faces, and then it hits you that you don’t know a whole lot about any of them.”

Before she graduates in December, Bausch wanted to change that. She wanted to get to know her fellow Gorillas. Who are they? What makes them who they are?

Those questions and others were the inspiration for the new #PeopleOfPSU social media series Bausch launched this fall as part of her internship in the University Marketing and Communication Office.

“I kind of see it as our own version of the Humans of New York series,” said Bausch, a senior graphic design major from Hoyt, Kan. “Every person on our campus has a unique story, and I wanted to help share those through photos and social media.”

A new person is featured every Wednesday on Pittsburg State’s Instagram account, and the series has become quite popular with university students and staff.

“I think it’s really cool, actually,” said senior Chandler Wilson, who was featured in the series. “I look forward to seeing the new feature every week because it does give you an interesting look at the people on this campus.”

Brett Dalton, coordinator of social media at Pitt State, said the #PeopleOfPSU series has been a valuable addition to the university’s online presence.

“When Jenna approached me about doing this, I thought it was absolutely awesome,” Dalton said. “She’s a tremendous photographer and a great storyteller. This has been her project from the get-go, and she’s done an amazing job with it.”

Dalton said the university will continue the social media series even after Bausch graduates.

“It’s bittersweet, really, because I see this as Jenna’s project,” he said. “So to think about taking it over or having someone else do it feels weird. At the same time, however, Jenna has started something fantastic here, and we’re very excited to continue it and live up to the high standard she has set.” 

Bausch said she’s enjoyed working on the series and looks forward to seeing where it goes in the future.

“This has been one of my favorite parts of my university experience,” she said. “I’ve met so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to know. It means so much that they’ve all been so willing to open up and share their stories.

“I’ll miss working on it after I graduate,” she said, “but I’ll love seeing it every week and learning more about the people at Pitt State. I’m so appreciative that the university gave me the chance to start the series as part of my internship. It’s been a lot of fun.”

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