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PSU, City discuss partnership opportunities

September 26, 2012 12:00AM

PSU, City discuss partnership opportunities
President Steve Scott meets with city officials on Sept. 24.

Monday’s meeting of leaders from the city of Pittsburg and Pittsburg State University began with a gesture that demonstrated the strength of the relationship between these two groups.

President Steve Scott presented Mayor John Ketterman and City Manager Daron Hall with the Gorillas’ NCAA Division II National Football Championship trophy.

Trophy presentation“It was an incredible journey for our team last year, and the city of Pittsburg was right there beside us every step of the way,” Scott said as he offered the trophy to Mayor John Ketterman. “We want to thank you for that support and thought you might like to house the trophy in the city offices for the season.”

Mayor Ketterman expressed his gratitude on behalf of the city and jokingly said the city would be happy to display future championship trophies as well.

“This city takes a lot of pride in its university,” said Ketterman. “And it goes well beyond Saturday’s at Carnie Smith Stadium. We want to make certain we’re on the same page when it comes to future plans and that’s why meetings like this are important.”

Monday’s meeting took place at Fire Station #1 and included more than 30 department heads. The discussion was wide-ranging and included such topics as pedestrian safety, housing, and recycling.

“When you hear about housing or public works concerns, these aren’t just city concerns, they’re ours as well,” said Scott. “We know that the future of our university is directly linked to that of our community and that success for one means success for all.”

“It was a great meeting,” said Pittsburg City Manager, Daron Hall. “We both face the same types of challenges, but they become much more manageable when we work together. I’m excited about what the future holds for our city and our university.”

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