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PPD train on PSU campus
Members of the Pittsburg Police Department Special Response Team conducted a training session at PSU's Crimson Commons residence hall.

PPD train on PSU campus

In an emergency situation, preparation is key.

Members of the Pittsburg Police Department Special Response Team were on Pitt State's campus this week for their monthly training session. 

The training took place Monday at Crimson Commons, PSU's newest residence hall. Sgt. Chris Moore said the training is vital to the team's preparation for various types of situations that could occur. 

"We train monthly at various locations, and training on Pitt State's campus is important for several reasons," he said. "If something were ever to happen on campus and our team had to respond, it's crucial that we understand the layout of the buildings and have a proper response plan in place."

The training was conducted in conjunction with Pittsburg State University Police. 

"The university police and city police have always worked well together," said Sgt. Terry Pierce. "It's important that we prepare together for potential emergency situations. If we ever need their assistance or they need our assistance, we'll know how to work together and respond appropriately."

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